How To Buy Personalised Number Plates As a Gift

If you’re thinking about purchasing number plates as a present for friends or relatives, you’ve come to the correct location! We know how to keep it under wraps, so you can trust that your chosen number plate will be a pleasant surprise.

We provide a variety of services at National Numbers that are meticulously created to assist you in maintaining the surprise you intended.

Our service is discreet, and we’ve strived to make the giving of number plates as a present as painless as possible. With one phone call, our courteous staff will be more than happy to assist you with your gift selection! 

It is considerably easier to personalise a number plate than you would believe. The most difficult choice you’ll have to make is what you want to inscribe on the plate! With the helpful hints and pointers below, you’ll learn how to ensure that you have all of the necessary components before purchasing personalized number plates as a present.

Can I Buy Now and Gift Later?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether personalized plates may be purchased in advance. The good news is that, yes, you can purchase personalised plates ahead of time and give them later in the year. Our number plate registrations are generally valid for ten years from the date you buy them.

You may now choose any vehicle, whether it’s next week or the following year, and register it during this period. The procedure for assigning a license plate to a car is the same at the time of purchase as well as the cost.

So, if you pay an £80 transfer fee when switching plates, you only have to pay it once when you buy your new plate. You won’t be double charged when it comes to mounting the plates on the vehicle. This is the greatest thing about this because you can get them in advance of Christmas, special birthdays, anniversaries, and even “just because” presents to brighten up a buddy’s day.

Is it possible to get your registration on a retention certificate?

We can generally take care of this for you. The greatest thing to do before purchasing is to call us right away to ensure we can help. You may, however, keep ownership of the certificate for ten years after your birthday and transfer it to any automobile at any time during that decade.

Do I have to transfer it to the automobile right away if I select your fully managed transfer service?

You need not be concerned! Our fully-managed transfer service is valid for the duration of the registration, which means we can move it to the vehicle at any time that works best for you.

What Can You Do For Me If I Buy Now?

At National Numbers, we offer all of our customers two different options. These are:

Fully Managed Transfer Service

When you use this service, you will receive a packet of paperwork. You must return these papers to us inside the supplied paid-for envelope. We’ll take up to 15 working days to transfer the registration to the car after we receive your information. This is our most popular choice because it’s easy and will be ready in around 15 working days, so don’t delay!

Self-Managed Transfer Service

When you opt for the self-managed transfer service, you will receive your certificate within seven business days and then must handle the legal transfer of registration any time within ten years. We understand that you may not want to reveal your present, so we won’t be upset if you notify us that the gift should be delivered to a different address.

Can I Reserve A Registration & Pay Nearer The Big Day?

You must pay in full when you order your new registration. However, at National Numbers, we do provide a credit option that might assist you with your budget! The cost of your number plates could be thousands of dollars, and you’ll have to include VAT on that price.

If you want to know how much VAT you’re paying, go to the “order online” button on the other side and click through your purchase. Don’t worry about paying for your purchase here; however, before you commit, you’ll get a chance to view all of the involved costs so you can determine what exactly you’re paying for.

Can I Specify The Day Of Transfer?

Unfortunately, you are not able to choose a specific day for the transfer to be finished. A transfer can typically take 15 working days from the time we receive your paperwork. We then submit them for processing once we get them. This implies that if you want your transfer to be completed on or around a certain date, you should deliver the documents closer to that date. 

Is it possible for me to pick any one of the personalized plates?

Of course – there are some limitations, though. Your plate must ensure that the automobile appears to be a certain number of years old: you can’t pick a different year, so date signs for the current year it was manufactured rather than one in the future are required. You should also review our car number plates rules and regulations to make sure you’re not choosing an invalid number plate with your options – we’ll let you know if we can’t accept it.

It’s simple to get a license plate as a present with National Numbers, so why not surprise your loved one right now?

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