How To Choose The Right Mattress Topper

Are you looking for a mattress topper? A topper’s density and material are some of the factors you need to consider.

Sometimes a mattress is uncomfortable because it’s firm, lumpy, damaged, or old. A mattress topper offers extra support and revitalizes such a mattress. Buying a mattress topper is also cheaper than buying a new mattress. Your mattress retailer can show you where to buy mattress toppers.

The Right Mattress Topper Material

Latex Toppers

These toppers are made of natural, non-allergenic, and antimicrobial latex material. Various latex densities relieve pressure points and offer a firm surface if you need a soft and compact bed. Their structure and material make these toppers the most expensive in the market. Notably, people who are allergic to latex should avoid these toppers.

Memory Foam Toppers

Mattress toppers made with memory foam have some of the best qualities on the market. Memory foam toppers are popular because they conform perfectly to your body’s curves. They also have excellent movement isolation and texture that keep you cool as you sleep. These toppers are also expensive. You can get these at any online mattress store.

The density of mattresses toppers is measured in pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft³). Memory foam toppers of 4 to 5 lb/ft³ work for most people. 6 lb/ft³ memory foam toppers are better for people who need medical body support. However, the synthetic materials used to make mattress toppers have a high chance of off-gassing. Apart from this, if you are looking for the best mattresses online then has a lot to offer.

Feather Toppers

The goose feathers used in these toppers give a bed a soft feel and reduce motion transfer if you sleep with a partner. Feather mattress toppers may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Wool Toppers

Wool mattress toppers are great for people who have allergies. Mattress experts also claim that wool prevents bedbug infestation. Woolen materials insulate you from temperature changes but they don’t offer the same body support as a memory foam topper.

Polyester and Cotton

These soft materials are easy to maintain and clean. Polyester toppers are some of the most affordable options on the market but they have a short lifespan.

Egg Crate Foam Toppers

These mattress toppers are of the cheapest quality on the market. The toppers are light and easy to transport but they don’t offer adequate back support. Egg crate foam material also tends to sink, off-gas, and sleep hot.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Mattress Topper

Comfort and Support

People who love firm beds and extra body support need latex toppers. Memory foam and cotton toppers are perfect for people who want soft beds to cradle their bodies and relieve pressure points.

Topper Density

The best mattress toppers have a high density of 6 lb/ft³ which makes them durable and easy to conform to your body. This density is good for side sleepers, people who want to relieve body aches, and people who are heavier than average. Medium-density mattress toppers of 4to 5 lb/ft³ are great for people who have average weight. Low-density mattress toppers have 3 lb/ft³  have less support because they are soft. Your body sinks on such mattress toppers but you can use them to cushion your bed if you’re lightweight.

Topper Thickness

Most mattress toppers are 2 to 4 inches thick. A two-inch mattress topper provides the least support. Add such toppers to your bed if you want to make it soft and cushiony. A three-inch topper offers moderate support that mildly contours your body as you sleep. Mattress toppers that are thicker than 4 inches offer total body support and contour your body firmly.


The material of your mattress topper can cause allergies. Choose hypoallergenic mattress toppers made with bamboo, cotton, and wool fabrics. According to a study, bamboo naturally reduces dust mite infestation in beddings. These materials are resistant to dust, mildew, mold, bedbugs, and dust mites. Memory foam, rayon, and polyester are other excellent materials for mattress toppers.

Motion Isolation

A mattress topper can isolate a partner’s tossing and turning in bed. Their density isolates movement and stops you from waking up at the slightest disturbance.


A mattress topper enhances the comfort and support of your mattress. Consider several factors like density and material as you look for the right topper. You should compare mattress toppers and their qualities before buying one.

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