NBA 2K23 VC Guide: How to Earn More VC Fast in NBA 2K23

Many players are waiting for the official release of NBA 2K23, they can’t wait to playing MyTeam and MyCareer mode in the latest series of NBA 2K. While, if you want to level up your player fast in MyCareer mode, you will need the help of VC, which is the most important currency in NBA 2K23. Virtual Currency (VC) can be used to prompt the best player in NBA 2K23. If you have no idea about how to earn VC fast in the game, you can follow the guidance in this article. Players can also get Cheap NBA 2K23 VC to buy good equipment for player in the team and improve their capacities. 

Gather Your Daily Reward

When you enter NBA 2K23, you have access to gather a Daily Reward from your Affiliation’s statue in the City. While the reward is random, for instance, XP boosts, clothing discounts. And you will be rewarded with free VC sometimes. It is an easy way for you to earn VC without efforts. 

Play MyCareer Matches on High Difficulty

If you want to earn more VC each match in MyCareer mode, you can try to improve the difficulty of matches in advance. As winning games, you will be rewarded with more VC instead. If you are experienced players of NBA 2K Series, it is a good method for you. While, for beginners of NBA 2K23, you had better familiar with the hang of the game and how the AI plays. Then, you can decide which difficulty is suit for your level.

Complete More Quests

There are a lot of quests waiting for players to complete in NBA 2K23, many of them are time-limited. So, you should try to play matches every day and complete more VC as many as possible for large amount of VC. If you have access to win the Race of the Week, you will be reward with a large amount of VC, which can be used to level up players fast in MyCareer. 

Watch NBA 2KTV Weekly Show

In NBA 2K23, NBA 2KTV is a weekly show which you can watch from the main menu screen or on your Smartphone by NBA 2KTV app. You can get VC rewards by voting or answering questions. It is also a good way to get additional VC in the game. 

Enter Locker Codes for VC

You can pay attention to all Locker Codes for potential VC rewards. They will provide items like MyTeam Card Packs, Tokens, and Cosmetic rewards for MyPlayer. The developer always gives away VC in Locker Codes. You should collect more Locker codes for VC.

Play More Matches in MyCareer mode

If you want to earn more VC in NBA 2K23, you had better join in more matches and perform well for victory. Then, you will be earning VC on your performance. The more matches you win, the more VC you can collect in NBA 2K23. 

We have listed several ways for players to earn VC fast in NBA 2K23, you can try to experiment these ways in the game. If you have no spare time on questing in NBA 2K23, you can Buy NBA 2K23 VC to level up your player as well. High level player will help you win more matches instead in the game. 

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