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How to Find the Perfect Sport to Bet On

Sports betting has evolved into a massive powerhouse across the United States. With a multi-billion dollar sports betting industry on the rise, it had to finally break loose at some point. 

Finding the right sport to bet on is key for bettors, especially if you try to make March madness predictions on BetUS but have no clue how to play basketball. Understanding what you are betting on makes a huge difference than just a hot tip.  

What to Look for in a Sport

As mentioned, you want to bet on a sport that you have a general idea of how it is played. If doing research interests you, then you are already in a good position to learn about sports betting. Research and time are going to be your best friends if you want to learn more about the right sport to bet on.  

No need to bet on basketball if you only understand how to play tennis. You do not have to practice playing either to get a good understanding, just watching a few games and looking up the best teams can help tremendously. 

Some sports get promoted more than others, especially when it comes to the NFL, NBA, and MLB. This is due to popularity and ratings, but does not mean you have to bet on those only. 

If it is a sport, chances are you can place a bet on it. The point is to find something that either interests you to learn more about or to bet on one that you already have a good amount of knowledge on to make the process easier. 

Finding a Reputable Sportsbook 

Sportsbooks are hard to come by for most individuals depending on where you live. Lucky for some, they might reside in a state that has more than five different sportsbooks trying to gain their business. 

You do not just want any sportsbook or the first one that you find. You want one that is going to treat you right, have quality betting options, and has been around the block for quite some time. 

One example of a quality sportsbook is BetUS. Depending on the time of joining, you could sign up with great bonuses during promotional periods. In addition, they have been around for a little over 25 years so they are a trusted name in the business. 

Understanding Common Bets and What They Mean

Betting terminology is almost like speaking a different language. There are a ton of words and phrases to describe what you mean, but sports betting has its own slang. 

For instance, common betting options you will see are moneyline, spreads and totals. The moneyline is the most common one, which simply means who do you think will win between two teams or an individual. 

The moneyline might look like -110, which means a $110 wager would pay out $100. If a moneyline looks like +125, then a $100 wager would pay out $125. 

In addition, the negative sign is usually the favorite while the positive sign is the underdog. The favorite is “supposed” to win, while the underdog is not, making the bet more attractive. 

For spreads, this is a bet popular in the NFL and even the NBA for spreads. These are differences between two teams playing with a point spread separating them. 

For example, the Packers and Colts are playing and the spread shows Packers are -7 and Colts +7. The Packers must win the game by 8 or more for that bet to pay, while the Colts have to either lose by 6 or less or win the game outright. 

Totals are another popular bet to look into for beginners. These are also named over/under for good reason. 

The purpose of this bet is to decide whether an event will go over or under a certain amount. For an NBA example, say the Lakers and Clippers have an over/under bet for 221.5. 

This means you have to decide if both teams collectively will move the points total over 221 points or not make it to 221. It does not matter who wins in the matchup, just whether or not the scoring adds up in your favor.

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