How to Fix Not Working Problem?

Facing problems while trying to access This could be the damaged firmware of your router or some issue with your desktop or laptop internet browser. This type of problem is faced by a user when he tries to land on the management console with the help of This issue may arise with a working router or with a router that is under its first installation.

This issue is not a specific one it could occur in any model or operating system. Before starting the troubleshooting of the routerlogin not working issue, make sure that you have the proper credentials of your Netgear Wi-Fi router with you. If you have forgotten the credentials or have not noted them anywhere then the only solution is to reset the hardware.

Normally the values are admin and password as the username and password. Disconnect all connections to your Wi-Fi router just keep connected to it via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. 

Block all Po-ups and notifications in your internet browser along with ad block extensions. You can change the port you were already using and remove the Netgear Genie app to see whether is accessible or not.

Fixing Not Working

Solution number one: Power cycle your router

 The issue that you are facing is routerlogin not working. The reason could be a glitch in your software or communication for a temporary phase. The first solution is to power cycle your router.

  • Switch off your Wi-Fi router from the power outlet.
  • After 30 seconds switch it on and see if the is accessible or not.
  • Do this power cycle procedure with your system as well? 

Solution number two: Change the connection mode

This error might occur due to the bad configuration of your wired or Wi-Fi connection. The router might be misbehaving with a particular mode of connection. Try different modes to resolve the issue

  • If the Wi-Fi connection is giving you the problem try and connect to the router via an Ethernet cable and check
  • In the Wi-Fi connection mode switch between the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz modes and see the accessibility to

Solution number three: Use the Internet Protocol Address of the router

If the DNS server of your router is not accessible you might face the problem of routerlogin not working, Netgear router uses DNS to access the You have to access the management console of your router with the help of the default IP address. Follow the steps to find out your IP address in your Microsoft windows environment.

  • In the windows search bar type “CMD” and press enter.
  • Type Ipconfig/all and press enter.
  • Note the default gateway address from the list.
  • Enter this gateway/IP in the address bar of your Internet browser and land on the management console board of your router.

Solution number four: Use the Nighthawk Router App

In case you are still not able to access the web address, then make use of the app. Nighthawk Router app is the easiest mode of installing your Wi-Fi router and accessing all the network information quickly. The Nighthawk App has the following features.

  • Nighthawk Router app has a management dashboard that is easy to access and simple to manage the notifications and the rest of the features of your Netgear Router.
  • Nighthawk Router app checks the speeds of your ISP as well as the individual devices,
  • Nighthawk Router app monitors the Parent Controls, It also manages the content on your network. 
  • Sharing the Wi-Fi updating the latest firmware and a lot more.
  • Circle Smart Parent Control is one feature that helps you filter the content for your children and even manage the lime limit to their internet access during those sensitive exam days 
  • You can also keep your home network safe from external unwanted bugs and intruders. When you are away from home it is easy to control your home/office network from remote locations via Nighthawk Router app.

Nighthawk Router app can be easily found on the Apple App store or Google Play store of your android device, The Nighthawk Router app can be installed within minutes on the device of your choice easily. The updates of the Nighthawk Router app are easy to install and keep on improving the working of the app as per the feedback of the customers. The support for Nighthawk Router app is provided on the official Nighthawk Router app page. This includes guidebooks, troubleshooting, and other issues resolutions.

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