How to Hack Exam Question Papers

Exams are (in truth) the most difficult part of education. It leaves behind a lot of anxiety and stress. Failure to pass an exam is the worst feeling ever. 

So what to do to increase your grades? What if the syllabus is too large to finish? 

The only solution beyond pushing an all-nighter (which might not even yield any result) is to somehow gain access to the examination question script. No doubt, some believe it to be an impossible feat to accomplish. 

However, hackers would think otherwise. You can always hack into your school or college server and gain access to the question paper with a trusted hacker for hire.

Here is how you can do so.

How to go about it?

Many schools, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, opted to remote learning and teaching as a solution. Web-based education enables easy access to school/university data to hackers. 

The platforms used for web education (such as PowerSchool) have loopholes. Through these loopholes, data can be easily accessed. Hired hackers use ‘special’ URLs to access content from the admin folder in a web server.

The impact of the vulnerability rests on the settings. Settings include that of the Web server and depend on what the folder contains.

Some hackers simply use phishing to gain access to personal information. Using it, they can acquire the required files. Even a person without any hacking knowledge can conveniently formulate phishing URLs and use them. 

In the phishing method, the target is first contacted using emails, text, or telephone. By posing as a legitimate institution, you can gain access to myriad information. Through the gained personal information, you can log into your teacher’s data and transfer any file to yourself, including examination question scripts.

No doubt phishing might not lead to definite results, this method is easier to execute. 

A more technical solution

If phishing does not yield the required result, you can resort to a more technical method.

Listed below are the steps using which you can gain access to web servers and exam papers by yourself:

Note:  It is a long process, which some cannot execute without sufficient knowledge. It can be risky to do as well.

  • To hack, you must have a good command of at least one programming language.  There are several online courses where you can comfortably learn programming languages like Python, C++, etc.
  • You will have to learn how the server software that you wish to hack works. That is necessary since you are to trick the server into sending you the question paper.
  • You will have to learn how to install the Apache webserver on your pc. You will have to go through HTTP basics.
  • Next, you will have to spoof the IP address that your computer sends. That is important because without doing so, you can get caught.
  • For getting the password, you can use Brute force (Python brute force algorithm) or Dictionary attack. Once inside the server, you will have to extract information from the database.
  • Delete all the records on the server of your login to prevent tracing.

This method can be a bit tedious and difficult to execute. It is also time-consuming.

Hiring a hacker and the due process

Hacking is a technical skill. You might learn how to do it, but you will yield the best results with practice and time. Hence you can always hire hackers to get question papers from the server in your stead. Hired hackers are professional and careful while doing the task.

Keep in mind that transparency in communication will lead to better results.

Always review and background check the hacker before appointing him for the task.

This option to hire a hacker to get question papers comes with added safety. You might leave behind traces while doing the task yourself. Hired hackers are cautious in their job. They are paramount practice and knowledge to carry out the task flawlessly. 

The probability of encountering glitches is less under this option. Of course, you will have to pay the hired hacker. Some consider that to be more convenient than going about the process themselves.  

Most students often choose this option for getting required question papers because of its better results and efficiency.

Bottom Line

Being scared of exams is a common reaction. Sometimes even hard work does not pay off. The consequences of failure involve bad grades, even expulsion. These bad grades are flagged with pity and can have a bad influence on your career.

Hence, it is justified to resort to hacking to get access to question papers. Indeed it is an illegal act that involves a lot of risks. However, it will have a positive outcome on your scores. 

Through hacking, you can decrease your burden and stress about your grades quite conveniently, that too, without any second thought or reservation.

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