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How to sew in with closure?

In today’s world, more and more women are opting for human hair to enhance their natural attractiveness. However, not everyone is familiar with the concept of closure. We’re here with you, and we’ll learn how to sew in with closure together. With the installation of our bundles with closure, we hope you obtain the most flawless look.

How To Sew-in With Lace Closure Exactly?

The most common way to tie a lace closure is to sew the back of the strap down before using a bonding agent to line the front hairline.  This way you can use bonding or attaching clips to add lace closure. Until the desired shape is obtained, the rest of the hair will be pasted around the lace closure.

 If you don’t know the basics of sewing for lace closure, don’t worry. 

This article will guide you to learn more about it.

  1. Preparation

Use an invisible needle and thread. So that it appears that the thread has completely disappeared from your mind. Get a threaded needle and place it near the spool.

  1. Start To Sew-in

Remember to prepare your hair before stitching the lace closure. Place the hair weave on the head and feel out the braids, then part around the skull.

At the stage you want to be, make sure the hair is in the right place. Then, starting above the temples, sew down and around to the opposite side (there is no thread right at the very top).

To keep the lace flat, it is important to put the needle under the braid.

  1. Finish

After sewing the edges of the hair extensions in place, turn them over, and then apply some adhesive. After sew-in the biggest human lace closures and bundles of woven hair extensions, you will get great results.

The following are some of the advantages of sewing in with closure:

  • Many of you, we assume, were aware of this before deciding on a lace closure for a new hairdo. It looks like your real hair because it looks natural. This is because you keep the hair securely on your head, and the hair can last longer.  
  • In terms of the cost of hair extensions, we believe that lace closure is the most affordable alternative. It is often cheaper than wigs and other forms of weaving. The lace closure is, after all, a long-term option.
  • Sew in with closure gives you additional options for styling your hair, such as straight one day and curly the next. You should prevent damaging your hair by saving money on chemicals and perms. Sew in with closure protects your hair by allowing it to grow comfortably and healthy.

How many packages are required for a complete sew-in with closure?

You’ll need two packs if you want an 8-14 inch. We recommend 4 Brazilian hair bundles for a thick and long-lasting effect. 

However, if you prefer 16 to 20-inch locks, you can get up to 3 packs.

If you want a new long hairdo, you should be cautious about the number of hair bundles you buy.

Whether you want to stitch in with a closure or not depends on the appearance you want to achieve. We stress that we provide the highest quality human hair bundles with the most stunning lace closures and hairstyles. Just let us know, and we’ll whisk you away to a new world of wonder. Follow us to get the most up-to-date information on our products and exclusive offers.

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