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Importance of Video Marketing Statistics For Business

The future is here, and it entails more video marketing. 2021 is the year of full-on video resolution, especially for marketers.

As per video marketing statistics, 63% of the businesses have already started using video marketing, while 82% believe that visual content is now an essential part of their business marketing plan.

Videos are progressing rapidly, and there are chances they will reach new heights very soon. Video marketing trend is further fueled by more than 83% of the businesses claiming that visual content has given them wonderful returns on investment.

These statistics prove that video marketing is a brand new addition to the promotion toolbox of every business. Still not convinced? Are you still wondering whether videos are worth it? The answer is quite simple: Yes, they are worth it.

Below, we will have a look at the significance of video marketing statistics for businesses:

Video Marketing Brings in Greater Conversions and Drives in More Sales

The success rate of any marketing campaign is indicated by its effect on the sales revenue. Video marketing has not only come as one of the most powerful mediums of bringing in conversions and sales, but it even makes way for quantifiable measurements along with accurate attribution.

Some statistics proving the significance of online video marketing are right here?

  • Around 84% of the online viewers received sufficient incentive to purchase by watching brand videos.
  • eCommerce businesses using videos can make 34% more conversions compared to the ones that do not use videos.
  • Visual content helps with several KPIs like website visits every month, sales revenue, organic search results, customer assistance demand, and time on site.
  • Marketers experienced conversion rates increasing from 12% to 115% after they added videos to their sites.
  • Reports also put down that conversions can increase by 30% and the average sales show growth of 13% after visual content is added on the retail eCommerce site.
  • The majority of the online marketers, approximately 51.9% of them, say that videos make for better returns on investment than all the other content varieties.
  • Landing pages with videos deliver 80% more conversions than the ones without videos.

Videos Bring in Greater and Positive Returns on Investment

Things can get even more exciting for the marketers still considering video marketing to know that 83% of the businesses claim that videos offer positive and greater returns on investment. Even though video production does not seem to be an affordable and easy task, it pays off.

Apart from this, online video editors are also improving constantly and are also becoming affordable at the same time. Not to forget, the smartphones of the present day can make some of the most decent visuals.

Videos do not need to be perfect- this is yet another good news for businesses considering video marketing. It is not the visuals but the content that really matters! Go by the latest research on this subject, and you will find that the majority of the users are put off by visual content that does not explain the service or the product clearly.

Poor design and low quality are not the biggest hindrances to the success rate of videos. Hence, it would be fair to say that videos are like pizzas- when they are bad, they are still pretty good!

Videos Build Trust and Brand

Video marketing statistics put forward the fact that videos are highly beneficial in building brands and increasing the perceived levels of trust and reliability in a brand. It would be correct to say that the advantages of video marketing are far more extensive and elaborate than the marketers generally realize.

Businesses can make the best value and growth by making judicious use of videos, both on-site and on the other platforms where a brand exists. Statistics available on viral video marketing, YouTube video marketing, and social media marketing prove that videos help build brands and make brands more trustworthy in the eyes of the target audience.

The statistics go like this:

  • Videos effectively drive consumer confidence, and 60% of the shoppers view videos if they can find them in the first place. Moreover, 52% of the shoppers state that they have fewer chances of returning a product if they viewed its videos before the purchase.
  • Videos always show positive effects on the loyalty of a brand garnering a 2.3% increase. Flash visual content and advertisements boost the purchase intent of the buyers by 1.16%, drawing in over 400% more conversions.
  • Studies put forward that 33% of the eCommerce stores prioritize videos in their content mix.
  • More than half of smartphone users say they have more chances of buying from a company or site offering video instructions about its services and products.

Search Engines Love Videos

Visual content allows businesses to increase the time that the visitors spend on their sites. Hence, longer website exposure builds the customers’ trust, signaling search engines that a certain business site delivers good content.

As per statistics, a brand site is 53 times more likely to show up first on the Google search engine result pages if it has videos embedded. Even better, since Google is now the owner of YouTube as well, there has been a considerable rise in the number of videos affecting the search engine rankings of a site.

So the statistics in this context make it important for businesses to optimize their videos on YouTube and the other search engines for SEO. The best thing that businesses can do to get instant results is to add interesting descriptions and titles to their content.

They can even add backlinks to their services, products, and websites, giving potential customers a way to take the next right step. Interactive videos, put up strategically on a site, will definitely encourage actions on the part of the viewers.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is not about major expenditures and top-quality equipment. It is all about putting a great idea into practice. With video marketing, sometimes even a simple path can prove to be the best

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