Is Your Private Message Really Safe?

Get to know more about private messages through privnote

Privacy is not a joke. Everyone has the right to be private with their messages, whether it is through the internet or telecommunication. If there are no privacy assurances from the service providers, the users might feel unsafe about their privacy. They might feel unsafe. The private message is to be kept safe, regardless of the type of message. Usually, the private message that is sent to the receiver can be any ideas, reports, or sensitive documents. There might be consequences if these messages are not sent privately. That is why we need protection for these types of messages. 

Privnote is an online platform that allows users to send private messages securely. One of the advantages of using the privnote tool for sending messages is that it has a self-destruction option. If the sender wishes to delete the message after the receiver reads it, he can use this option. With this option, the private message sent to the receiver will get destructed once the receiver closes the message. There is a certain code available within the privnote that allows users to use the self-destruction option for their messages. 

Once the receiver receives a private message through privnote, as soon as the message is closed, the message will get permanently destructed from the receiver’s server. In this way, the user can send one-time messages to the receiver through privnote. Privnoteis usually used when the message has highly confidential information. Another advantage of using privnote for sending private messages is that it is difficult to detect the identity of the sender. Privnote is a highly user-friendly website. You don’t have to log in or sign up for the website to use the website. You can directly get to the homepage of privnote and type your message on the box provided on the home page. 

How to have secured messages?

The main thing that you have to take into account while sending private messages is whether they are end-to-end encrypted or not. End-to-end encryption allows your messages to be secure. It means that even if someone manages to get into your messages, they cannot read them. There are certain encryption keys within the end-to-end messages. The sender and the receiver who has these keys are only able to read the messages. So, it is important to check whether the application you are using for sending messages is end-to-end encrypted or not. 

Another crucial parameter to be considered for sending private messages is the storage of the message. Imagine you are using a particular app or website for sending your message. If your messages are not well encrypted, then the company that you used for sending your message can decrypt your message. It means that your message is unsafe. To avoid such situations, some laws do not allow third-party interference with such messages. To protect the privacy of the user, some companies avoid the storage of messages in a single place. In some other cases, they use programs for the self-destruction of the messages after a particular interval of time. 

Whether to be an anonymous messenger or not is the choice of the message sender. In most applications and programs, only the message will be private. But the receiver can identify the sender of the message. If you want your message to be completely anonymous, including the sender details, you can use applications such as privnote for sending the messages. In case you want to include your details while sending the message so that the receiver can get in touch with you, there are various options for it. Once you send a message where your details are included, you are no longer anonymous to the internet world.

Benefits of using private messaging media

  • With a private messaging facility, you can directly get into the topic. There is no need for any detailing of the message. The message that is sent will be simple to understand. And most of the time, these messages will be highly precise. This allows you to communicate with the other party faster. 
  • Private messaging allows you to discuss various topics at the same time. If you are in the middle of a conversation and want to discuss another topic, you can still do so with these types of messaging media.
  • Short and precise private messages help you to keep your memory active. Whenever there are changes made subjective to the private message, you can easily connect with them. While new properties are considered for these messages, you can easily contribute to its developments.
  • Having a facility for private conversation helps you in saving time. Whenever a private message is sent to another party, it can be either in the form of precise words (which can even be code language) or a detailed conversation. In both cases, a lot of time is saved because the sender and receiver can communicate with one another without any interference. 
  • Once you start using an external medium for sending your private messages and find the source reliable, it is easy to communicate for the next time. While you use the external source, you will get to know more about the sources, including their features. It can be more beneficial for you in the future.
  • Once you start using the private messaging mode, it helps you to stay in focus. It is because all the messages sent to the receiver are received and checked directly by the receiver itself. It gives more reliability to the messages rather than conveying them in the third person. It also helps you to maintain a certain minimum of discipline. 

The intensity of the private messages depends on the type of receiver. For some people, it can be a crucial element. Journalists, politician, whistle-blowers, and activist are the main category of people who commonly uses the private messaging medium. Whether the message is for a friend or a higher authority, it should be ensured that the message is well encrypted. 

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