Quick and Easy Way to Netgear Extender Setup

So. You purchased a Netgear range extender? Well, we must say you made a great choice. Netgear is an industry leader that manufactures its devices using top-notch technology. To be able to enjoy the extended network, you need to set your Netgear range extender up with the existing home network. In case you are not aware of the setup process, then know that we are here to your help. This very helpful guide will help you to get your Netgear extender setup process done in a hassle-free manner.

How to Set Up Netgear Range Extender?

Given below are the easy to perform instructions that you need to follow in order to complete the setup process of your Netgear range extender:

Step 1: Unbox Netgear Extender

To begin with the Netgear range extender setup process, you are first required to unbox it. A user manual will also be provided in the box along with the Netgear extender. Keep it with care as you will need it in the setup process as well. For some Netgear extender models, an Ethernet cable is also provided along. You need to carefully handle the Netgear extender such that you do not break any fragile part by mistake.

Step 2: Power Up the Netgear Extender

Now place your extender at a central location in the house. This is to ensure that connected devices can easily access its network. Thereafter, plug in the Netgear extender in an active wall socket at the same location. Turn the power supply on by toggling the power button. You will find that the LEDs on the device will begin blinking. Once the LEDs are stable, it is ready to be set up.

Step 3: Connect Extender to the Router

It is now time to establish a connection between Netgear extender to the router. For this, you need to take the help of the Ethernet cable. Thus, insert both ends into the Ethernet ports of the host router and the extender. While doing so, make very sure that the connection is steady and secure.

You can also connect the extender to the router using a wireless medium. However, we suggest you use a wired medium. The reason being, it is more stable and reliable than a wireless connection.

Step 4: Launch a Web Browser

The next step is to load an internet browser to get through the Netgear extender setup process. Thus, lay your hands on a computer or laptop and power it up. Now, launch an already installed web browser on it. You can opt for any web browser but using an updated web browser will be beneficial in the setup process. Furthermore, if it is clear of cache and cookies, it will be an added advantage.

Step 5: Access the Login Web Address

In the address field or the URL field of the browser, enter carefully. You can also use the default IP address of the extender here. Be particular of not making the mistake of navigating to the search box of the web browser to type the web address. You may reach some other web page this way.

Step 6: Input the Login Credetianls

As soon as you press Enter, the login page of your Netgear range extender will open up. Here, you will see two fields wherein you need to input the default admin username and password of the Netgear range extender. You can refer to the user manual of your range extender to get the admin details. Once found, enter them in the given fields. Now click on the Log In button. This will open the door to the Netgear range extender setup dashboard or the Netgear Genie login dashboard for you.

Step 7: Follow the On-Screen Instructions

You’re about to complete the Netgear extender setup process now. All you got to do next is follow the on-screen instructions appearing on the screen. That’s it! You have completed the setup process of the Netgear extender.

Wrap Up

This is all about how to set up a Netgear range extender in a quick and easy way. Installing a Netgear range extender is one of the best ways to take your online experience to a whole new level. We hope that by following the instructions mentioned above carefully, you can easily set up your extender. As soon as you are done setting up the extender, you are good to go. You can now access the newly extended network and enjoy a seamless internet connection even in hard-to-reach places of your house.

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