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If you’re looking for an emo, sappy, or depressed anime girl, you’ve come to the right place. There are many such anime girls. But what is it about them that makes them so sad? Read on to find out. Here are some of the most iconic ones: Mamimi Samejima, Rei Ayanami, Kikyo, Homura Akemi, and Rei Ayanami.

Mamimi Samejima

Mamimi Samejima is sulky and depressed. She is a truant high school student who has been hitting on Naota ever since her brother left Japan. The main character of the series, Mamimi, has pyromaniacal tendencies and a smoking habit. She spends a large part of her time under a bridge and has a penchant for smoking. She once smoked a cigarette with “Never Knows Best” written on it.

Although the character looks like a typical tsundere, her behavior shows that she is desperately crying for help. She hates the world and is hard to get along with. Her reliance on Naota is childlike, and she flirts with him whenever he pulls away. Sadly, the character never gets any sort of love from anyone, and her sad past has made her a victim of a terrible curse.

Mamimi is also known for her lack of willpower. She is completely dependent on others, and she often acts destructively when no one is looking. Her home life is hard and her life is unstable. Consequently, she often loses her shoes. Mamimi also has a light blue bag that is decorated with a white cross. This is an indication of her weak character. She doesn’t have the strength to change her life.

Mamimi Samejima is another example of an unhappy anime girl. She’s a loner who spends most of her time smoking under Mabase’s largest bridge. She is very depressed and lonely and only has one friend in Tasuku, whom she claims to be dating. She is also a pyromaniac, which makes her seem stupid. The character is always looked down upon by the rest of the cast because she’s the only one who smokes.

Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami is a deeply emotional character. Her unique abilities drive her parents and grandparents away, and she is considered to be a monster by her schoolmates. Despite her abilities, Yoko lives in a state of perpetual sadness, fearing that she will be abandoned by the people she loves. Her life is filled with endless depression and despair, and she runs away from home and school in order to avoid the pain and loneliness that plague her.

The name Yuri implies that she is emotionless, but this is a misconception. Rei’s sad nature is actually connected to her birth. She was isolated since childhood, and her association with death has affected her life for years. Although her character is emotionally strong, her lack of exposure to the outside world causes her to be aloof and clingy with others. She does not express her sadness on a daily basis, but her nature causes her to be isolated.

After her body swap, Rei develops a stronger emotional life than Rei II. While she still has a repressed personality, she eventually becomes more involved with the people around her, and becomes close to fellow pilot Shinji Ikari. However, Rei is socially awkward and rarely interacts with others, except for Gendo. Throughout the series, Rei lives in a dull apartment in Tokyo-3, and Shinji comments on the sterile surroundings.

Although her role in the story is often ambiguous, Rei Ayanami is largely well received by critics. She is the highest rated anime character in Japan and has consistently appeared in popularity polls. Her mysterious aura has been praised by critics and fans alike, and merchandise featuring Rei has gained widespread popularity. Rei has become a cultural icon in Japan. While she is often considered to be a sad anime character, she is often depicted as a modern day idol, representing various unconscious beliefs and emotions.


In the anime series “Kikiyo, Sad Anime Girl,” a young woman named Kikyo is a priestess who is deeply troubled by her life’s circumstances. After learning that she has a soul, Kikyo uses her spiritual power to help other humans. The only problem? It’s wrong, and it will make her life miserable. Kikyo is a sincere and honorable person who loves her people and is devoted to her family.

But why is she so depressed? The answer is her tragic past. Originally, she was a sacrifice to a mountain god, but her association with death made her emotional turmoil last for a lifetime. While her actions were a noble act, her tragic past makes her sad and lonely. But it also gives her a sickly power that explains her inability to connect with anyone else. This is what makes her sad anime girl status so relatable.

While Kikyo was still alive, the demon Naraku had been chasing her tried to kill her. Kikyo had her own heart stolen from her body and recalled it through Kagome’s body. Kikyo was killed, but not before she had a chance to regain some strength. She then fled into a mist and met the Sacred Jewel, where she learned that the demon was responsible for her death.

While the plot of Kikyo’s story revolves around her experiences, there are some flaws. Kikyo, an exiled demon who has been banished by Naraku, is actually a half-demon. Inuyasha is half-demon. She is a half-demon, which makes her feel like a half-demon. She reeks of demon blood and cleanses herself daily.

Homura Akemi

If you’ve ever wondered why Homura Akemi is so depressing, you’re not alone. Many anime characters, from Hojo to Kagura, have similar characteristics. One of these is Homura’s lack of confidence. During her school days, she was known as a weakling. She would often get dizzy during the warm-up exercises, and she was the target of bullying. After finishing the manga, she starts to question her own existence.

While Madoka thinks she is too selfish and impulsive, Homura sees it from a different perspective. She sees herself as a victim of her own selfishness, while Madoka sees it as a challenge to be a magical girl. The two anime girls fall in love, but Homura doesn’t want to be like that. Madoka’s feelings for her are based on her own experiences. She isn’t as sad as she is in her anime counterpart, and Madoka isn’t a perfect match.

Like Madoka, Homura is depressed as a result of being a victim of military violence. She becomes a member of the Phantom Troupe, a secret society. She has a cute appearance and emotionless mannerisms, but it’s hard to figure out how to get along with everyone around her. The anime has a lot of heartwarming moments, and the ending is especially moving.


The main character in the Japanese anime “Misuzu” is a high school girl who struggles with becoming friends with her peers. The main character is plagued by a curse that keeps her from getting close to people. As such, she stays away from her classmates at all costs. Unfortunately, getting close to people activates the curse, and Misuzu becomes very sick. But her curse can’t be completely overcome; she must find the right way to save her from a curse.

Another tragic character in the anime is Rukia, a half-demon. She pretends to be the love of her life and adores Inuyasha, but is actually sad and lonely. In this anime series, she becomes a Shinigami. Her parents separated and she is seeking a true companion. She is also a yuki-onna, which is a character with a cold temper.

A sad anime girl is defined by her lack of emotions. During the series, she is almost always alone, and does not interact with other characters. Her lack of friends and classmates makes her seem lonely and depressed, even though she can manipulate others. However, this character can also be viewed as a sad anime girl, due to her tragic past and traumatic life. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the key reasons why Misuzu is a sad anime girl.

Princess Shirahoshi is a crybaby. She is neurotic and emotional, crying over practically everything. She has a tragic past and has been spoiled by her royal family. However, despite her neurotic personality, she is still emotionally fragile. In the anime, Misuzu lives in luxury on the island, with her father and his mother nearby. But her life has changed. She is sad because she misses her mother, so she tries to make things better for them.

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