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5 Salvage Yard Safety Tips

No matter how well you take care of it, your car will eventually start to show its first signs of old age. Whether it is a small mechanical issue or more serious damage, your first thought would probably be to take it to a local auto body repair shop for a quick fix. 

However, the biggest problem with older vehicles is that sometimes the  repair or replacement of a certain part isn’t worth the money or the effort. In this case, it is much better to consider taking your junk car to a salvage yard to get it dismantled for its valuable components and receive money in return.

But, there is one thing about salvage yards many people often overlook and that is that they can be dangerous. They have a lot of biohazardous waste, sharp materials, and heavy metals lying around, all of which can be quite harmful to humans.

So if you have to visit a scrap yard, here are five safety precautions to follow to stay protected while you are there.

Arrive fully prepared

The first thing you should do before entering the salvage yard is to pay attention to your choice of clothing. Due to the hazardous chemicals and objects lying around at these yards, it is imperative that you wear protective clothing to protect your skin from burns, environmental allergens, irritating liquids, and jagged metals. 

In addition to your clothing, make sure you also wear gloves and safety goggles so you don’t expose your hands and eyes to corrosive materials, flying debris, or other chemicals.

Lastly, don’t forget to put on sturdy closed-toe shoes to protect your feet and prevent any accidents from occurring. 

Ask for help

Another important safety tip you should follow when visiting a salvage yard is to always ask for help. There are professionals working at these yards whose main responsibility is to keep the yard as safe as possible both for themselves and their visitors.

So if you are thinking about taking your junk car to a salvage yard to get it dismantled for its valuable parts and make some money off of it, look for the one that offers excellent customer service. For example, if you live in the Philly area, do thorough research in advance to find the best salvage yard near you where you can junk your car in Philadelphia safely and for a fair price. Additionally, you should consider asking them whether they offer the option to pick up your car, which would save you precious time and a trip to their location.

Don’t use flammables

One thing you should definitely know about salvage yards is that they often serve as repositories for flammable substances, including gasoline. This means that if you come close to any of these chemicals with a tool, a cigarette, or anything else that is easily flammable, then there is a great chance you may start a fire. 

Therefore, if you want to stay safe during your visit to a scrap yard, make sure you don’t bring in any flammable tools, such as flame cutters, handheld grinders, and battery-powered metal saws, as well as cigarettes as they could all ignite a fire.

Lift with caution

If you don’t know your way around cars or don’t have the right tools, then it is imperative that you handle car parts carefully to avoid heavy lifting injuries. Whether you need to move an automotive engine, transmission, or another major car part, lifting components without caution can increase your chances of suffering from spinal damage, strained back muscles, and wrist or elbow injuries. 

The best way to protect yourself from such accidents is either to ask for help from the professionals working at the salvage yard or bring useful auto tools to help facilitate your efforts such as a dolly or a wheelbarrow.

Avoid alcohol and pets

A safety tip that many people don’t put a lot of emphasis on but should be strongly pronounced is to avoid bringing alcohol and pets into salvage yards. In fact, most junkyards will turn away visitors if they notice they are tipsy or have brought their pets along with them.

The main reason for this is due to the presence of various hazardous materials, flammable substances, and sharp objects, all of which can pose a real danger both to you and your pet. Therefore, maintaining sobriety and leaving your furry friend at home is crucial when visiting a scrap yard.

Final thoughts

No matter what the reason for your visit to a salvage yard is, it is crucial that you practice safety when you visit one. From wearing protective clothing to being cautious of how you lift things and handle hazardous materials, make sure you follow the safety tips from our post to stay protected at all times.

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