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Saying Peace in Other Languages

Saying Peace in other languages can be difficult sometimes. Because it is not the word that can be used when you are enjoying peace. Not, most of the time. But you speak this word just to tell the other that you want peace, even they are not willing for peace in their life and can harm you sometimes.

Even you would not be willing of this when you got a dagger on your back and someone tells you to be polite and have some peace and sort out the matter. You will surely not listen to him and will prefer attacking instead of acting like a coward.

This is all game of the mind, if you are given any reward, you would have done anything, even you can control your thoughts. It all so matters of power. If you are a victim, you will surely want peace, if you are a predator or master, you will surely use your power against the weakness.

It is always the same and from the beginning of life, it is done many times till now. And still, people are pre of such a false system where the weak is vanishing and the powerful gaining more power. So, if this cycle remains the same, we cannot expect peace from people.  

But, if you visit the world, you will find many people who are willing of peace, it is not because they are weak or they are frightened of some superpower. But they support humanity and love being human. In these countries, you will need peace to have peace of mind.

So, why wasting time in wars let’s talk about peace and learn how to say peace in other languages. There are so many sources from where you can learn tons of words that tell the same story and educate people to say sorry and stay in peace by learning from the given data. But one of the leading sources among the top 10 websites to learn words in a different language is

It is not always you say the word peace. But you can try other sentences or phrases that express the feeling that you want peace. For the information we can say okay I lose, you win, and just sort out the matter I do not want any trouble.

Those can be golden phrases to avoid any quarrel and one fine step toward peace. It does not work, you can contact the government to help you to set peace. This will also help a government that a responsible citizen has the guts to refer the matter to police or the relevant department and you will be out and there will no victim of unwanted war or quarrel.

But you must know how to say peace in different languages.  Because, if the government officer asks you what do you want, you can say that you want peace. You can learn few words from the chosen languages but you can try more words from the above-mentioned site that contains thousands of other words that are used for peace when you need to speak them in other languages.

In German, you can use Frieden for peace

In Galician, you can use PAZ to say peace

In Danish, you can use FRED for peace

In French, you can use PAIX for peace

In Dutch, you can say FRED to say peace

there are more than a million languages and you can learn to say peace for the required language.

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