Scientific Benefits of Turmeric for Hair Loss and Growth

Hair loss affects over 30% of the males in their 30s and 49% of the females throughout their lives due to male and female patterned hair loss in New Zealand and Australia. Turmeric or Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family, has been used as a natural medicinal plant and root for over three thousand years. Turmeric arguably has tremendous healing powers and the power to potentially reverse certain health issues and diseases. Researchers and medical professionals recommend people to buy turmeric in NZ or Australia and consume it in the form of supplements every day for better hair health. Here are some empirical studies to support this. 

Benefits of Curcumin for Hair Health

Curcumin is one of the significant chemical compounds found in turmeric naturally. Due to its health properties, the chemical extract is also sold independently as a cosmetic agent, medicinal supplement, food colourant and flavour. Curcumin is a natural phenol that protects plants against herbivores. Recent research on phenolic compounds shows that they play a significant role in the treatment of human diseases. The health of the hair follicles and the scalp largely depend on the overall health of an individual. Administering a daily dose of 12 mg to humans for three months has shown significant health improvements, including hair growth. 

The Relationship Between Turmeric and Hair Loss

Laboratory research published in the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology suggested that adding turmeric to the diet over time gives a boost to the body’s overall wellbeing and reinforces the immune system, thus helping combat hair loss. The enhancement in the body’s health and elimination of toxins may indirectly help stimulate hair follicles in those who might have lost their hair from autoimmune diseases like androgenic alopecia. This research, along with the fact that turmeric has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal product, has led to an increase in its demand. An additional benefit is that it has minimal side effects when compared to synthetic medicine.

Curcumin as a DHT Blocker

Finasteride is a medication belonging to the class called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors which inhibits the enzyme and transforms the testosterone to allow for hair growth in males. Similarly, turmeric extracts with curcumin contain chemical compounds that inhibit the 5-AR enzyme. This means that they can play a similar role in increasing hair growth and preventing excessive hair loss. Curcumin also has inhibitory effects on androgens like DHT. As a result, curcumin supplementation helps increase the enzyme Also-keto reductase 1C2, hence preventing hair loss. 

Turmeric and Its Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant Properties

Turmeric is popularly known for its natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help cure and prevent health conditions in people. Curcumin also shows a positive effect on the health of a person’s hair and prevents hair loss due to these properties. Curcumin helps the body to recover and heal quickly, reducing the prolonged negative effects of diseases on hair follicles and the scalp. A study published in Molecular Biology also shows that curcumin helps resolve issues like seborrheic dermatitis, which can be responsible for hair loss. 

Curcumin and Vitamin D Receptors

Furthermore, curcumin activates the vitamin D receptors genes in the body that control the growth of the hair. This can help promote hair growth. 

These studies prove the significant enhancement in the health of a person’s hair preventing hair loss and restoring hair growth. This allows men and women to enjoy a healthy life and luscious look for years. It is therefore recommended for New Zealanders to add turmeric supplements to the shopping list and buy turmeric in NZ from trusted brands to avail its benefits.

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