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Scoring 100 marks in biology? You think its impossible? Here are some tricks to help you out

The most crucial thing to remember for individuals hoping to get a perfect score on their Biology class XII CBSE test is that your practical exam accounts for 30 out of 100 points. There are a lot of things that comes in the mind when you want to excel in your exams. All you need to do is to focus on the concepts so that you understand them and then get going. 

Tips to follow for getting good marks

Every topper and even test checkers urge that students study from the NCERT 12 biology book for the theoretical exam. You must read the entire book and comprehend the meaning, relevance, and implications of the things discussed. Sharing helpful hints to help you excel in the CBSE Class XII Biology test –

  • Your diagrammatic presentation of the paper determines a lot. You don’t have to be an artist, but make sure your schematics are tidy and well-marked. Menstrual Cycle, Evolution and Biotechnology, and Molecular Basis diagrams should all be carefully practised.
  • Students who received full marks in the Biology test stated that they fully comprehended the ideas presented in class 12 biology NCERT book, which aided them in solving the difficult questions. It’s also a good idea to deal with such questions at the end of the exam. Begin your paper with questions that you are comfortable answering.
  • Make a point of paying close attention to the scientific nomenclature, the names of the scientists, and the outcomes of their research. Before the exam, practise writing their names down so you don’t forget or get confused on the exam.
  • When the question requires a comprehensive response, write more examples and design additional flowcharts. This will not only save you time, but it will also get you extra points for providing a conceptual response.
  • Finally, there is no quick fix for success. If you want to get a perfect score on the Biology Class XII exam in 2020, you should practise sample papers and 10-year question papers provided by CBSE.

Understanding the subject’s marking scheme. 

To put it another way, decide which chapters are more important than the others. This will bring you closer to achieving the ideal score. This will also be useful while planning a smart-studying approach for Biology. You will be able to save time that you may devote to revision or paper solutions in this manner. The chapter that have then better marking needs to be done in the first place. 

Proper time to each chapter

Make the most of your time by allocating it wisely to different chapters. They usually need more time, effort, and practise on your part. As a result, subjects that are easy to catch and have a high mark weightage should be emphasised for studying early and in less time. Then you may devote the remaining time to more difficult chapters for a certain subject.

NCERT Practice

You should read NCERT books to supplement or back your answers with additional information so that you may combine uncommon and crucial features and facts into your replies and earn that ideal score. If you want to get the best grades then it is your duty to write something that is out of the box and different from others. 

Solving Sample Papers

There are no two ways about it: solving sample papers is excellent practise, and by doing so, you are essentially practising answering some of the most difficult questions available. This will prepare you for questions from the question banks as well as if a curveball is thrown your way.

Create a set of vocabulary flashcards

According to studies, first-year biology students acquire more new words than first-year language students. There’s a lot of jargon there. Instructors will also only introduce a phrase to you once before testing you on it later.

Flashcards are an excellent memory tool. Make and study flashcards for at least one hour every week of your study time. On one side of the card, write the new phrase, and on the other, write the definition. Examine your stack and see how well you can recall the definitions of each phrase. Put each card in its own stack once you’ve gotten it properly. Continue practising with your other cards until you’ve mastered them all.


Getting a good grade entails achieving the highest total percentage in the class. Exam points are often the most difficult to obtain, so make sure you obtain all of the simple. Then, even if you miss a few exam points, you’ll be able to make up for it. If still you are not confident then you must enrol with Infinity Learn. We will help you in getting good marks in your exam very easily. 

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