All About Seagate Pulsar.2 400GB Solid State Drive

Solid-state drives are the latest generation of storage devices used in computer systems these days. Contrary to the traditional mechanical hard drives, solid-state drives use flash-based memory, which is faster and more reliable. If you are looking to speed up your system, nothing can be better than replacing your hard drive with the Seagate Pulsar.2 st400fm0012 SSD. In this post, we will discuss some of the details about Seagate and this SSD, launched back in 2012. 

About Seagate 

Seagate Technology Holdings is a US-based data storage technology company incorporated in 1978. For the last 12-years, the company has been operating from Dublin, Ireland, with headquarters in CA, United States. In the 80s and 90s, Seagate was the major supplier in the microcomputer market, specifically after it started the production of IBM XT. Currently, the company is ruling the storage industry all over the globe. Some of its best solid state drives include Seagate Pulsar.2 st400fm0012. Following are some of its specifications and features


Seagate Pulsar SSDs offer price-performance benefits as well as the dive endurance and data integrity required by performance-hungry business applications. The storage devices made by Seagate are in high demand throughout the world. The mentioned SSD is ideal if you need to: build auto-tiering solutions, create Tier 0 storage external arrays, support server virtualization, content delivery networks, online transaction processing (OTP), and cloud computing. 

The Seagate Pulsar.2 st400fm0012 offers: business class endurance (can provide ten drive writes/day), protection against unintentional data loss or change, and all other benefits of an SSD. Along with the fast data access and storage, the Pulsar.2 delivers the integrity and data endurance required in any IT industry. Also, this device is capable of automatically detecting and correcting a multitude of errors that can occur in the course of normal drive operation.

Product Application ClassEnterpriseEnterpriseEnterpriseEnterprise
Interface Options6Gb/s SASSATA 6Gb/s6Gb/s SASSATA 6Gb/s6Gb/s SASSATA 6Gb/s6Gb/s SAS
Random Read/Write Rate Command (IOPS)Peak, 4KB48,000/12,000548,000/15,000548,000/15,000548,000/15,0005
Sequential Read/Write Command Rate(MB/s) Peak, 128KB370/200370/200370/200370/200
I/O Transfer Rate of Data, Maximum (MB/s)600600600600
Sustained Rate of Data Transfer (MB/s)370370370370
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.44%0.44%0.44%0.44%
Unrecoverable Read Errors/ Bits Read1 LBA/10E161 LBA/10E161 LBA/10E161 LBA/10E16
Average Operating Power (W)4.664.684.755.93
Average Idle Power (W)3.593.473.494.38
12V/+5V Maximum Start Current0.32/0.480.31/0.510.35/0.500.49/0.79


When it comes to storage devices, then performance is vital, but data integrity and endurance are critical. These SSDs can prove to be an ideal pick for you as they can routinely complete 10 full drive writes/day. This SSD has been made for the business environment along with the intelligence to detect and correct data errors. its list of features includes

  • Trash collection methods to classify the following block on the NAND to remove and then rewrite before the room is required
  • Advanced protection Information and media-management technology to help counter the unexpected data loss or change
  • Wear-leveling processes to make sure that each block is written an equivalent number of times to enhance and maximize the life of the gadget
  • Background media scanning to help protect against reading disturbed data errors 

Why should you Buy ST400FM0012?

Data Center managers should deliver faster access and data storage without any data loss. The Seagate Pulsar.2 solid-state drive is a high-capacity, MLC-enabled drive that provides all the features one can desire in an enterprise SSD. Its benefits and applications include

  • General servers, blade servers, and direct-attached storage
  • Tier 0, cloud computing, OLTP, and data warehousing
  • Enterprise design using auto-tiering
  • Optional Self-Encrypting model assists in protecting data if the drive is lost
  • World-class support, service, and fulfillment
  • 6Gb/s SATA and SAS support for interface reliability and scalability
  • It provides a similar feature set to look, perform like an enterprise-grade hard drive which also reduces operating costs and system complexity 
  • Reliability and price-performance benefits
  • Top-of-the-line MLC endurance

Benefits of an SSD over an HDD

The traditional hard drive has been the major storage device for computer systems for a very long time. The main reason was its low cost per GB. But these days, Solid-state drives are replacing those traditional disk drives due to their fast speeds, compact size, and availability. Moreover, the technology of Seagate Pulsar.2 st400fm0012 is superior. Though these devices are expensive and have lesser storage capacity compared to hard drives, that’s why SSDs are not preferable everywhere.

For computer and IT users, we definitely recommend using a Solid-State Drive as the prime storage device for your programs and OS you access frequently. Similarly, we also suggest you purchase a hard drive for saving music, pictures, videos, and vital documents.

Talking about reliability, SSDs are more durable and reliable as they function without any moving parts. It simply uses flash memory to save data, providing enhanced reliability and performance over a hard disk drive. As a hard drive has magnetic platters, we can conclude that it can get wear and tear due to continuous movement.

Final Words

SSDs are quickly replacing old-fashioned hard drives all around the globe. Moreover, the brands or companies which were famous for the manufacturing of HHDs five years ago are also shifting their technology to design a decent SSD. So, it is better to equip your system with a leading Seagate SSD to get the best and maximum performance. In this review, we have discussed in detail the specs, features, and applications of Pulsar.2 SSD from Seagate. If you also want to buy this drive, you can visit our online store Along with storage devices, we do have a number of It and computer-related accessories at affordable prices.

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