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Some of the famous street artists in the world

Art is one of the few things that can cross geographical borders and languages. It is one of the best forms of self-expression. There are different types of artwork, from impressionism, oil paintings, and sketches to some of the newer forms like street style.

If you have been following street-style artworks, you must be familiar with names like Banksy because he has become one of the most dominant street-style artists. The best part is that the artist remains anonymous and has broken many records at auction.

Looking at the art scene worldwide, you will be surprised to know that street style was looked down upon and that creating graffiti is illegal because many people thought of this culture as a nuisance. However, it has become quite common these days, and now many city officials are promoting murals in their localities and offering tours to them. This is also a good strategy by state authorities because murals can help bring life to a place.

If you want to know about street artists who are gaining popularity and are leaving their mark, here is the information.


Cornbred is a pseudonym for Darryl McCray, and many recognize him as the first modern-world street artist who rose in the 1960s in Philadelphia. At that time, NYC was slowly becoming the hotspot for street art, and most graffiti artists targeted subways and trains in the city.

However, Cornbred being in his late teens, went on a rebellious streak, sneaked into the zoo, and tagged the side of an elephant with “cornbread lives.”

Many of his works and prints are often displayed at Philapdelhia Gallery.


You might have heard about Banksy, the artist who rose to fame in the mid-90s as a political activist and filmmaker. Most of his artwork has an underlying tone of pop culture references and politics of the world.

The stunt he pulled off in 2018 was unheard of in the art scene. Not only did he sell the framed painting with an inbuilt shredder, but he also shredded the painting the moment it was sold.

This incident increased the value of his painting and drew attention to him. You will be surprised to know that his artworks attract more money in auctions than any other artist, living or dead.


Chris Ellis painted his first graffiti back in 1976 when he was 14, and it is believed that he has painted hundreds of subway carts throughout his career. However, he entered the art scene when an alternative art culture grew in NYC. He began showcasing his work and gained popularity in the early 80s.

The artist only sticks to legalized commissioned works, such as painting murals and filling canvases.

Dondi White

While the artist passed away in 1998, his art inspires artists today. He was yet another artist that emerged from the streets of NYC in the 70s. His style was unique back in the day because it incorporated pop culture with unique lettering styles.

When street artists were looked down on, he became one of the few who got a chance to exhibit his work in a European museum.

These are some famous street artists, and one of the many things one could learn from them is that being confined to the norms is not an ingredient for great art.

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