How To Avoid Stressful Flights When Flying with Children

Children have the absolute right to travel with their parents in order to enjoy the thrill of adventure and explore places that they can only imagine from images they have seen on the internet or in a book. However, due to the crowded plane, bustling waiting areas, and tired waiting for hours before arriving at the final destination, traveling isn’t the most enjoyable experience for a boisterous toddler. 

But do not worry. You can find some helpful and stress-relieving tips when flying with your children here. This article will definitely help to make traveling with kids less stressful and more enjoyable for you!

Book an early morning departure

Usually, flights around these times are your best chance to avoid delays at takeoff and landing. On top of that, these flights are usually less crowded, too. People who have a flight in the early morning are tired and they just want to sleep, this is also happening to your children. If possible, you should also avoid flights with long layovers or late-night connections. If you have the means to do it, pay more to have a short layover. Having to wait for more than 10 hours in an airport with a child is not ideal at all.

Bring surprises

Bring a wrapped gift for your toddler during your flight. Giving them wrapped new things has two important advantages! The first one, they will be very excited to unwrap the gift, and also the new toy will have a more attention-grabbing pull. You will buy more time to make your toddler stay excited during the flight.

Consider using a smaller stroller

Some parents can’t imagine going through an airport without a stroller, so think about moving from your regular-size stroller to a smaller-size one. Additionally, before boarding, be sure to check your stroller at the gate. Do not worry, the staff will have it waiting for you when you exit the aircraft. Consider using a child harness if you are traveling with more than one child. This will help to keep them in your line-sight and make sure no harm is done, or if in case your little wonderous is walking around by themselves out of curiosity. 

Pack just enough

You must bring the necessary items for the flight. Things that you are aware your child will need, or things that can calm them when their mood has shifted. Your airline may not have what you require, and they may only have a small selection of comfort goods for your child.

On the other hand, if parents obsessively overpack, they will struggle. Parents who are traveling with one or more children frequently bring entirely too many things. They fail to remember that they must take their children and all of their luggage off the plane with them. It will definitely give me an extra headache! You can use the guide below, to help you pack the essential item you need during your flight.

  • Items to comfort your children, such as a pacifier or their beloved doll. If you want to bring a pacifier, bring more than one –in case it gets flung down the aisle.
  • Essential items such as sanitizer, wipes, changing clothes, and diapers. 
  • Electronic devices such as tablets or phones. You might hesitate to give your child the screen time, but well this time around is where you might want to make slight changes. Load the smartphone or tablet with your kids’ favorite movies or shows. Do not forget to keep the battery full, to avoid it getting low battery when your kids use it. 
  • Kid-size headphones.
  • Art supplies, such as crayons, watercolor pencils, blank paper, and/or coloring books and blank papers.
  • Plastic bags for trash or in case your child is sick and can’t go to the bathroom
  • Small water bottle sizes which are easy to bring along everywhere. It will also be great if you have a water bottle, which your child can hang on their neck.
  • Some low-sugar snacks, such as granola bars, crackers, nuts, and pretzels. This will keep your child’s tummy happy.

Get ready for security

Make sure the items that must be removed for security are easily accessible when you pack. Keep in mind that bringing snacks will subject you to further attention during the screening process, so prepare everything beforehand.

Prepare for air pressure

Ask your doctor’s permission before traveling with your child if they recently had a cold or an ear infection. Pain could result from the change in cabin air pressure. Have your children have some water or chew some food following takeoff and landing. You can also bring some ear protectors for your little ones.

Never sit your child on the aisle

Toddlers may be at risk in aisle seats. Their little hands could get grabby when the beverage cart passes, and you never want to know what might happen afterward.

Beware of germs

Even more so during the pandemic, we need to take extra precautions to make sure that the health of ourselves, and our children are protected. Wipe down everything before boarding a plane with sanitation wipes, and never send your kids barefoot into the restroom.

Maintain your cool

You can’t really do much to appease the passenger who complains every time your kid laughs or cries. Keep this in mind: Everyone is on your side as long as you’re trying to calm your children. But sometimes they just did not want to be calm, and that’s okay. That’s not your fault. An adult who is upset by a screaming child is also acting in a childlike manner.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, your child might hate and dread the take-off and landing process. Thus they end up crying and throwing a fit during that moment. But spending time planning and preparing if you intend to travel with children, will definitely help to make your travel with children manageable!

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