Stringing blocks: An effective and sophisticated gadget

Stringing blocks are the manufacturing front-runner for secure and well-organized supply line building. It also works as explorers or dollies which are compulsory in stringing conductor as the line itself. It carries a full package of blocks and blocks related equipment to offer a plane, dynamic and benign stringing procedure. Single line blocks, bundle-based blocks, underground blocks, and universal stringing blocks are all that are presented for dragging by line angles.

Two tough steel-based rollers monitor the steel-based winch line above sharp-based edges. It is trivial but durable and permits stress-free management and arrangement besides with dense duty abilities.

Latest string blocks that you can gain

As earlier, it is discussed what is stringing block is. If you want to know about different models along with the main specifications, then check out the following list that contains sophisticated and valuable stringing block you can buy which is more appropriate according to your needs.

Cable based Rollers 2.5 Sheave Stringing Block

It is most commonly used for the cable setting supplier, utility, and electricity supply industry – this includes straight cable rollers, corner cable rollers, triple cable rollers, and specialist cable rollers for pulling subversive cables into drains. Cable rollers are advised to use when you need to pull cables. The sheaves are furnished with the exact ground, deep grooves, and ball bearings that have been greased for the life of the roller under normal circumstances. Be careful to identify the type of lining, polished aluminum, when you want to place an order or want to buy it.

Straight cable is dragged by using traditional cable rollers appropriately located in the cable channel to avoid the cable being pulled on the drain end or in the dirt. The cable roller layout is reliant on the cable type that is currently being arranged and the cable dragging pressure beside the path. Prominent cable rollers are used to maintain the cable upon the whole drum width proximately in advance of being dragged into the trench.

Its main features involve:

  • A huge number of models Cable pulling blocks have various applications in overhead transmission line production.
  • The cable pulley is used to maintain rods and various communication lines
  • This stringing block is made up of huge powered nylon and aluminum. The frame is manufactured by using galvanized steel.
  • It has High power and elasticity, is very simple to use and maintain, is light in weight, wear-resisting, and has a long lifespan of service.

Aluminum wheel corner cable stringing block:

This cable roller stringing has different features including:

Cable pulling stringing blocks have different uses in the field of overhead transmission line


  • This cable stringing block is used to maintain the conductor, ADSS along with communication lines
  • The cable pulley is manufactured from high-powered nylon or aluminum. The frame is manufactured by using galvanized steel.
  • Huge power along with flexibility.
  • Simple to handle and use.
  • Having light in weight and durable service,

Aluminum-based Wheel Sheave Stringing Block Transmission Line Stringing along with Accessories and Tools

Transmission Line stringing equipment includes

2. Tandem based Sheave Stringing Blocks

3. Galvanize based Steel made Frame

4. Loading rate: 50kN

5. Conductor is <=720mm

6. Mass: 9.3kgs

Nylon based Wheel Pulley Stringing Blocks for Transmission Line Stringing 

Important details:

1. Transmission based Line Stringing Tools

2. Having three Wheels

3. Nylon based Wheels

4. Ground-based Pulley

5. Mass: 10kgs

6. Steel along with Covering Frame

7. Loading rate is: 10kN

Aluminum-based wheel Crossarm Attached Stringing Blocks along with Width 99~175mm and Height 95~159mm

Important details:

1. Transmission Line based Stringing blocks tools

2. Conductor, Cable based Crossarm placed over Stringing Block

3. Mass: 4.3kgs

4. Having one Wheel

5. Aluminum manufactured wheels

6. Having an aluminum Frame

7. Capacity: 10kN

8. Caliper Crossarm Width range: 99~175mm

9. Caliper Height range: 95~159mm

10. Sheave dimension range is up to D178x76mm

It is a useful and sophisticated block that is either used in the head of the insulator string or fixed on the mounted crossarm.

General stringing block

It is considered for the benign, plane, and single motion process that permits the rod to be detached from the same side. It is used along with horizontal or vertical-based line insulators. The base fits are thought by the bar used to safe the conductor lock. The base allows a blocking angle of 30O for stringing by line angles.

Nylon based Wheel Cable Pulley having Load upto10kN useable in Linear and Angular Stringing Blocks

Some important details:

1. Transmission Line based Stringing tools

2. Conductor or Cable based Stringing Block for Triple Pulley

3. Mass: 12kgs

4. Contains three Wheel made of Nylon materials Wheels

5. Galvanized based Steel Frame having rated Load: 10kN


It is able used for Linear and angular, and it can be fragmented into three tackles.

Cost of stringing block

Stringing block price starts from US$-35 to 110 per piece. This price is not constant but varies from model to model. You can order pieces according to your need and requirements.

These blocks have huge power alloy frames with 3-3/4” height by 3-1/8” width. The 3” wide by 7” diameter runs on heavy-duty wrapped ball bearings. They can be attached to a cross-arm or suspended. The gate is opened by putting it in the ring onto the holding hook. When the ring is free, the heavy-duty spring locks the gate bolted.


This article is intended to enhance and boost your knowledge regarding sophisticated machines and their working. Stringing blocks with the latest and worthy models are described along with their price ranges. Materials in which they are manufactured are also mentioned. So that if you are interested in buying these products, you should know which is more beneficial for you. All the above packages are the best and worthy enough to invest in. You can also place customized orders according to your needs. Hopefully, this article can clear up much of your confusion and broaden your understanding. If you know people who want to buy stringing block, share this blog with them.

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