Who is Sykkuno and why he is so famous?

Sykkuno is a YouTuber from Los Angeles. He’s also a social media celebrity. His popularity was built on streaming games such as Minecraft and Valiant. Find out more about him.

He is an American streamer, online gamer and streamer who has gained immense popularity sharing online content.

Summary of Sykkuno Life

  • Name: Thomas
  • Date of birth: June 4, 1993
  • Place of birth
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • Sykkuno has been around for 28 years
  • American Nationality
  • Ethnicity: Dual citizenship
  • Height: 5′ 7″.
  • 60 kg
  • Black eyes are the hair color
  • Brown color
  • Profession: Youtuber and Twitch streamer
  • Net worth: $1 million

Biographie Sykkuno

Sykkuno was born June 4, 1992 in the United States. Both his parents are of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. His parents are both of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. There is one sibling that he has, but little information about her. What is Sykkuno real surname As of 2021, he is 28 years old. His real name is Thomas.

His Career

Thomas began his YouTube career as a YouTuber in August 2011. He made commentary and gameplay videos for League of Legends. His Sykku was used.

In January 2012, he switched to Sykkuno. In late 2019, Thomas began uploading highlights to his Twitch channel. These highlights would include Thomas and his friends playing together.

Thomas loves League of Legends, and can often be seen streaming it. He also enjoys playing popular games such as Minecraft, Valiant, and The Elder ScrollsV: Skrim.

When did Sykkuno reveal the truth about his face? Sykkuno unveiled his face in February 2020 and began using a webcam. Sykkuno was not visible to his viewers, but Sykkuno spoke.

Rajjchelorette’s May 12, 2019, show featured Sykkuno, Jadeyanh and Rajjchelorette. Rajjpatel hosted the show, which was streamed on Twitch.

He was presented with his Rajjchellor Show on 27 May 2020. He often interacts with his fans, and is often seen with them.


Everyone wants to know more information about Sykkuno and his marital status. Sykkuno isn’t open about his relationships.

LilyPichu shared her image with Sykkuno August 2014 broadcast on Offline TV. Rumours circulated that the musician was in a relationship and LilyPichu was with him. Although he does mention her name in his streaming videos, there is no evidence they are actually together.

Sykkuno, the Corpse Husband

However, Sykkuno revealed to Corpse Husband in real life that he was interested in meeting him, a close friend. Sykkuno & Corpse Husband are well-known for their friendship. You can see them flirting on several YouTube channels.

They streamed together at first, but ended up attracting a lot of attention to the show.

This is his answer to his desire to meet corpse in person. “No, I don’t. “No, I haven’t. COVID, despite the fact that most of my friends live in the same place, is a horrible problem that keeps them from getting together as often.

What happened to Sykkuno ancestors, then?

Twitch streamer Valkyrie was playing Among Us in a game. He ended the stream live in tears. His followers became concerned and started to send support tweets.

Sykkuno later tweeted that it was. Sykkuno tweeted later that it was.

It wasn’t something anyone did. It wasn’t even a conversation.

Net worth

Sykkuno has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2021. Sykkuno is a YouTuber and Twitch star, which is his source of wealth.

Thomas also makes a lot of money through brand endorsements and advertising. Thomas is well-liked on YouTube and Twitch.

Sykkuno elevation

Sykkuno is handsome and masculine making him popular among girls. Sykkuno stands at 5′ 7″. He weighs in at 60 kilograms. He has black eyes and brown hair.

Sykkuno is a rising star within the YouTube community. Sykkuno is an online gaming star who started his YouTube channel back in September 2011. He has enjoyed great success.

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