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Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes are the Most Important Branding Attribute

As the world moves forward, new packaging needs are becoming increasingly important. As a manufacturing company with decades of experience in designing personalized product boxes for brands around the globe, we know that quality is key to success- which means it’s time you got some boxes made right here!

For over three decades, we at Packaging Corporation have been working to understand and meet the needs of our customers. We know what it takes for a brand’s success: from design all the way through distribution channels where you want people just as much exposure time with your product!

A lot goes into putting together one package – not only does it’s exterior look good but also how everything fits inside so tightly without any spilling out or getting lost among other things on shelves nearby; after years of experience in this industry-we’ve found ways around many problems before they arise. 

We at Brand Boxes are always eager to help our customers create the best possible box. The first step in this process is understanding your needs and wants, which you should communicate clearly so we can provide a solution that meets overall requirements while still being affordable for consumers.

We know how important it is when choosing an appropriate packaging service provider – especially if one’s goal isn’t just making money off label printing but rather building up their brand equity through thoughtful attention towards design elements like aesthetics or functionality as well!

In order to ensure you are successful, it is important that your product comes in a well-designed box. This will not only appeal aesthetically but also increase the chances of consumer success by keeping them interested in what’s inside and enjoying themselves before even tasting or using any features on offer! 

Custom Boxes Are Still Trending and Can Be Used For A Variety Of Things

These boxes are in trend because brands can customize them to fit with any design. Not only does this make the process easier for companies, but also manufacturers who want specific types of packaging or product displays

It is important that you provide your reader an understanding as well by explaining why these particular items should be considered in style at this time and not out-of-date like some other products might appear to us at first glance.

The trendsetting nature of these boxes will never go out of style, and the need for them grows every day. All you have to do is reach out with your order – don’t forget about a good manufacturing company if it’s going up against tough competition because without one no packaging can match this level of beauty!

A special product needs extra care when being packed into its own little packages; from how they’re made altogether as well as what goes inside each individual item within said packing peanuts/peanuts shells etcetera.

Do You Want To Buy Or Sell Cigarette Boxes?

We deal in cigarette boxes of all shapes and sizes. From the traditional cigar box to more modern designs, we’ve got you covered! Visit our website or give us a call for assistance with your order today- one-stop shop shopping at its finest here.

We are proud suppliers of original packaging products such as Boxes, Tins & Crates which can be custom manufactured according to specifications requested by customers who want an individual touch when delivering their product across borders into other markets – whether locally or internationally. 

We also offer design services including graphic layout development using photographic images sourced directly from manufacturers so they don’t need another supplier’s intellectual property on top.

We understand that all nations need a good set of boxes for their cigarettes. So, brands from around the world come to us with requests and we work hard every day so you can benefit from this if you just reach out!

Custom Boxes

Customize Your Custom Boxes Perfectly In Low Budget

Are you running a cake business? Maybe it’s your key goal to keep your cakes fresh and tasty. Similarly, for food and juices. Or if you are selling some best quality perfumes and your services are accessible worldwide. For shipment, you want to get the best quality product manufactured by keeping the durability and safety measures under the main focus. Then you are at the right site as Custom Boxes will show you, how you could get perfect packaging in your company’s budget. 

As a startup, your company might not be able to generate revenue, which could match your competitor’s revenue. Every big brand is spending a big amount of money on these custom promotional packages. But these following tips are just to facilitate all kinds of businesses, by showing them how they could get packages, even in the low budget that can beat the big giants of their niche. Yes, it is possible now! Just stay with us, we will show you how you could get their packaging benefits, by spending just a few dollars. 

Adjust Cardboard Thickness

One of the major benefits of custom boxes is they are personalized exactly on our preferences. As old ready-made packages are available with the fixed wall thickness and a fixed price.

These packages are made with walls that are usually of 4 types.

  1. Single face
  2. Single wall
  3. Double-wall 
  4. Triple wall

Moreover, these walls thickness can also be adjusted from a range of 0.9 mm to 15 mm. In this way, if your product is light in weight and doesn’t need distant shipments, you could get them with walls that are a little bit less thick than average packages. It causes to reduce the manufacturing coast on your single box and you could save a big amount in your final wholesale order. Moreover, this will not affect the quality of your product packaging. 

(Note: we suggest you reduce the thickness with the suggestion of packaging designers. They will suggest you the right thickness that could keep your product and money saved.) 

Order A Bulk Amount Is Better

Every business loves to get clients who purchase their products in a big amount. Just imagine one client is buying a single shirt from you and one is buying 30 shirts from you. Which client would be more beneficial for your company? Of course, that person with an order of 30 pieces. You would want to build a long-term relation with him so you could get long term profit. Then you will facilitate him with special discounts. 

  • This is the same scenario for Custom packages. 
  • Different brands give special discounts to your company if you will order wholesale packaging boxes from them. 
  • They love to build a strong bond with your business.
  • Hence, they prove you boxes low in rates as compared to other customers.    

Select Packaging Designs Cleverly

Designing is also a major factor that could rise or fall the price to manufacture your printed packages. You could save your money by selecting simple but elegant designs to decorate your branded packages. Every packaging manufacturing company provides you with an infinite range of customization options.

  • There are some premium styles are high in cost. 
  • But they also provide you with a lot of designs with the east coast but they are also the same in standards of those premium styles. 
  • You could add them to design your box. 
  • It would save a big packaging amount for your company.

It’s the same as some premium features offered by Canva, that’s is a graphic designing service. Same like they provide a lot of their premium services free of the coat to use, packaging services also provide you some simple and unique decorative features in the least rates. You could add them to save your money. 

Printing & Color Schemes

Printing is something that can make your boxes attractive. But if you will not have proper knowledge, it might take a lot of money out of your business account. 

You could use (PMS) Pantone Matching System color schemes to print beautiful designs and images on your custom boxes

  • They are less expensive than (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black color scheme. 
  • However, the CMYK scheme provides you with a large range of different shades that you could use in printing.
  • That’s why this is a little bit more expensive than PMS.
  • PMS is also using by a lot of brands, as they can get all those colors that they require in the printing phase. 

Sales & Special Event Discounts

The best time to order is also necessary for determining the rates of your packaging. If you want to save a big amount of your money, you have to wait for the proper time.

  • Some companies offer a big sale by the end of every month to provide custom packages at low rates.
  • Similarly, in some events like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year companies also give you special discounts to get your packages. 
  • You could order your wholesale packages at that time and save big cash of your company


In this world of big compaction, it’s not possible to survive without having some special marketing strategies. For this reason, different brands have shifted towards custom boxes as they are best in displaying your items with proper safety and dominancy on other products. You as a new business can get the best quality packages at the least possible rates at Fast Custom Boxes. You can use these tips discussed above under the guidance of our professional engineers to get alluring packages at low rates. 

5 easy ways to save money while packaging products

Although it says, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’, well, this theory does not work for business. Apart from manufacturing goods, another vital aspect of every single business is the packaging. It is a type of task that provides completeness to the manufactured goods and enhances the attraction of buyers. The final impression of the company majorly depends upon how the packaging of the product.

Many prominent business entities do often complain that they have to spend a huge amount of money on packaging. For this reason, it has become impossible for them to lower down the price of the goods. Undeniably, business is strongly associated with trading loans either from investors or direct lenders for bad credit. To secure profit, there is a requirement of a high price tag.

Unfortunately, buyers pay the slightest attention to this reason of high expenditure. It is because most of them want to pay low and enjoy good quality products. Therefore, there is no other option left to stay within the competition instead of minimizing the price range. We suggest not worrying as there are some extraordinary ways to diminish packaging cost and enhance profit margin.

5 easy & attractive ways to save money while packaging products

1. Reduce the size of the box:

One of the primary ways to save money on packaging can be done by reducing the size of the box. It is such a slight chance that it is hard to recognize. The scope of saving money on the packaging is easily achieved due to curtailing down the size. By reducing size, a company can also curtail down the quantity of the product. It opens up additional savings on manufacturing.

Moreover, the company can enjoy reducing transportation costs as comparatively small boxes are easy to fit into one truck. Therefore, double transporting cost comes down to single expenditure. For instance, if a frozen food company uses the same method of reducing the size of packaging boxes by curtailing the quantity of food, it will save expenses and help to earn profit.

2. Restructure in the interior of boxes:

Another easy way to curtail down expenses on the packaging is by restructuring those existing boxes. Applying the tertiary packaging method can help in restructuring. If there is a scope of pouring more than 5 products in a single package, it will decrease the cost.

For instance, it is not at all uncommon that many cosmetic manufacturing companies used to fit into one box more than 5 products in such a way so that they may stay diversified from one another. Besides, such packaging style attracts buyers due to remodeling of old packaging type. Just imagine how strategically you can reduce costs and attract consumers.

3. Change materials:

Another helpful way to reduce expenses on the packaging is changing materials. While manufacturing the box, a company needs to pay a good amount of money due to high-quality raw materials. It may be easy to reduce if you transform the type of materials from polythene to paper. Besides, putting extra glue will not ensure security inside the box.

Instead, using only the required quantity is enough to ensure harmless delivery. Sometimes it has been observed that, while wrapping up large boxes, it uses lots of wrapping papers. Thus, you need to ensure that materials used for completing the entire packaging won’t exhaust unnecessarily.

4. By ‘Going Green’:

Going Green project is something that focuses upon the increasing usage of environmentally friendly packaging. It initiates the usage of recyclable and biodegradable materials. The concept has become more popular, and many companies are joining hands on this project.

According to a recent statistical survey, companies that use biodegradable packaging methods have achieved more than 6% growth between 2016 and 2021. One of the possible causes of such a level of growth is, reducing cost.

Environment-friendly materials are not cost-effective and easy to make. For this reason, if you also apply this packaging strategy, it will help increase the profit margin.

5. Using good quality box:

To reduce the cost, one should maintain the quality of the box. Using bad-quality packing boxes can cost you even higher as there is a chance of product damage during transportation. Therefore, it is better to restructure the box and use only the necessary quantity of raw materials to create the box, but the bad quality box is not acceptable.

Importance of packaging

Above mentioned last way of minimizing cost on packaging raises the topic of the importance of good packing. As discussed, packaging plays an integral role in attracting consumers. While attractive packaging may attract consumers, careless one will drive out buyers. So, it plays a vital role in securing the revenue of the business.

1. It protects goods:

Each and every buyer expects a certain level of protection after ordering products from a company. Buyers do not want to see their ordered products in broken condition or in an unprotected situation. For this reason, good packaging is essential. The primary purpose of packaging is to protect against outward damages.

2. It safeguards the product:

The safety of the ordered product is the ultimate necessity that every buyer desires. A product may contain essential and confidential thing which requires the safety of the goods. Even the delivery boy should be unaware of what is inside the box. Therefore, without using a secure packaging method, it is impossible to maintain confidentiality.

3. Holds the attraction of buyers:

Another important aspect of using good packaging is its point of attraction. Packing wrappers that look good always attract people. For this reason, experts of package designers used to examine different types of designs to attract consumers and provide the comfort of carrying products while on the move.

The method of packaging has evolved to a great extent. Nowadays, packages are designed in different ways, like, adding a little handle, restructuring the size of the box, which is easy to carry within the handbags, and many more. Every company should remember that, without innovative packaging ideas, it is impossible to attract consumers, and if unable, then revenue generation will face hindrance.

What Are The Design Inspirations For Exclusive Custom Boxes?

Whether ordinary or unique, the custom boxes have a particular objective to reach the customer with the intention to become part of their shopping pile instantly. Sometimes

the customer intent is not to buy the product but rather try it once for the sake of its innovative packaging. This encouragement triggers due to work done by the custom packaging. The whole procedure takes care of the sizing, shaping, designing, and printing of the custom packaging box.

Make A Mark With Exclusive Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging boxes now come with eccentric details that showcase the true purpose of the product. The product that used to look way more simple now has the edge over the other competitive items in terms of good packaging concepts. Our aim is to get to know the purpose of custom packaging along with some design ideas.

Intricate Design Themes

Custom packaging comprising packaging boxes, bags, and other accessories presents the true idea behind a brand’s product. Most designs and ideas are put to trial just to show the right thinking about the product in the market. People see those indications in the form of packaging often decorated with interesting images and textual content. Brand advertisement becomes more successful when the right kind of design theme hits the consumers.

Engagement Through Heavy Embellishments

Embellishments do not only define sparkly and shiny objects. Many box manufacturers offer symmetrical custom boxes wholesale to clients who prefer heavily embellished displays as compared to plain design. Laminations and foils are part of the embellishment phase. All sorts of laminations give a smooth finish to the surface of the packaging. Moreover, extra luster and shine on each custom box are indeed very convincing for most customers.

Cost-Effective Packaging Is A Good Business Approach

Cost-effectiveness is the first concerning factor for a buyer or a business person. Custom packaging with so many different features often fails to maintain a balanced cost for the custom packaging. This results in the downfall of the product if it’s not selling as it should actually sell. Materials, designs, and manufacturing cost a lot in general. But clearly, for packaging, you need all these contents to make a user-friendly packaging solution for your product. Reusing the old design techniques also fits and costs less money.

Ecofriendly Packaging Caress To The Sustainable Needs

Ecofriendly packaging is a sustainable solution to get rid of the world’s packaging waste. The toxins and chemicals involved in the packaging of materials get to water bodies and destroy them. This can all be very effectively prevented if most of the brands shift to biodegradable packaging options. Besides, it will save money and time to come over the natural destructive problems. Custom printed boxes, printed with organic inks, give the same effect as that of real printing.


Custom packaging design possibilities uphold a prosperous future for the product, brand, and concept. It entices most buyers and consumers with the unmentioned aspects of the packaged product, which encourages many product admirers to try them once. Many packaging companies spend large sums of money finding the best materials that offer sustainability to the packaged product.  

Why Manufacturers Need Custom Cosmetic Boxes for Appealing Packaging

In today’s fast-paced cosmetic industry, many cosmetic manufacturers are concerned about the fragile packaging of their cosmetics. They are scared because they don’t want their product to reach their valued customers in such a miserable state. As a new or leading cosmetic manufacturer in a competitive industry, you don’t want to ship your beauty products in traditional or unprotected packaging. Most cosmetic manufacturers pay attention to the use of custom cosmetic boxes that are specially made and attractive for all kinds of fragile cosmetics. This type of packaging box not only guarantees the safety of producers and buyers of their products during shipping or storage. When looking for durable and attractive packaging boxes for your various types of fragile cosmetics, you need to touch on attractive and durable cosmetic packaging boxes. Such types of custom packaging boxes are helping cosmetic manufacturers to make a name in the competitive industry.

Regardless of the industry, you are looking at today, every business product manufacturer should strive to be dominant in the highly competitive product manufacturing industry. The same scenario can be found in the cosmetic industry today.

Availability in Limitless Shapes, Sizes and Layouts

Such custom eyeliner boxes for fragile eyeliners are available in different sizes, shapes and divisions, from which you can easily choose cosmetic products in different sizes and shapes. If solid cosmetic packaging is attractive and well-designed, it will help you catch the attention of your target audience in today’s competitive industry. If you don’t know how to design or assemble the packaging for your cosmetic products, you don’t have to worry. There are many leading printing and packaging companies in the industry that offer their services to new and leading fragile cosmetic brands in the industry. Custom packaging is becoming a blessing for both new to leading cosmetic manufacturers in the industry.

They have a team of professional designers who have years of experience in their field. Use the right tools and skills to design and assemble your custom cosmetic box for your various fragile cosmetics to keep them safe during shipping and storage. The reason to hire a professional printing and packaging company is that they will design your custom cosmetic box to match the modern packaging designs of the cosmetic industry. Custom packaging is helping cosmetic manufacturers to package their vast range of cosmetics in stylish and trendy packaging boxes.

Package in Right Size Cosmetic Packaging Box

If you’re having trouble finding the right packaging size for your various sizes and shapes of cosmetics, then there’s no need to worry. Many printing and packaging companies offer custom cosmetic boxes of various sizes and shapes for your fragile cosmetics in a variety of sizes. Regardless of the type, size, or type of cosmetic packaging you need, a quality printing and packaging company will help you handle it.

Many fragile cosmetic manufacturers prefer this type of packaging due to the different shapes and sizes of their products as it ensures the safety of their products during shipping and storage. As a new or well-known cosmetic brand, of course, you don’t want to send your cosmetics to consumers with damaged packaging, right? Of course not. To avoid this kind of problem, you need to pack your various cosmetics in special cosmetic packaging which is stylish and attractive. You don’t need to worry about losing your customer, as you can provide them with the right size packaging box.

Boost Business Brand Repute in Competitive Cosmetic Industry

If you are looking for a way to build your makeup company reputation in today’s highly competitive cosmetics industry, you need to pack your products in cardboard made custom cosmetic boxes. To make such packaging boxes more attractive, you need to add attractive images to grab the attention of your customers when they enter the cosmetic shop.

You should also use the latest printing techniques to print text or information graphics on this type of rigid box. Many of the leading new cosmetic manufacturers in the competitive industry use the latest printing techniques such as offset and digital to create custom printed cosmetic packaging boxes for their range of cosmetic products. By using the latest printing techniques, you can give a boost to the overall appeal of your cosmetic packaging boxes.