The Best Cable TV Providers You Should Know

Cable TV is one of the most popular means of receiving entertainment, news, and sports content. Even in the age of digital streaming services and cord-cutters, cable TV is alive and kicking. That’s because conventional cable services like Cox internet plans allow consumers to access live TV, premium content, and PPV sports all in the same subscription. Not many streaming services can compete with that, especially not on-demand ones like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.  

Of course, you may already have a cable TV service, like most other homes in America. But the experience isn’t consistent across all cable providers. If you want the best value out of your subscription, you should always try subscribing to large and recognizable service providers. Since these providers have the funds and infrastructure to deliver higher service quality, you can get far more bang for your buck than with an average local provider. The trick is choosing the right provider. This blog will give you some hints.  

The 4 Best Cable TV Providers in the United States   

Cable TV services are a staple in almost every American home. But all providers don’t offer the same service quality. When it comes to choosing a new cable TV provider, there are usually several important considerations. First, you need to determine which providers offer services in your area. Then you need to look at the range of plans these providers offer. You may also have to examine the specifics of each plan, such as the channel lineup, premium networks, DVR storage, and other benefits. The right price will obviously always seal the deal.  

However, in most areas, you can often come across multiple providers competing with each other. This can mean a large number of providers, plans, and specifics to deal with. To help you narrow down your choices in most situations, always look at these providers first: 

AT&T for Flexible Plans  

AT&T is arguably one of the oldest communication service providers in the world. It is certainly the oldest in the US, having been founded by none other than Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. AT&T has a vast network spanning across the United States. It also offers cable and internet services in addition to its original telegraph and telephone services. There are several reasons why AT&T might be a viable choice for you. The huge footprint means you could already live in an AT&T service area. But more importantly, the provider has a huge range of flexible cable TV plans. Each plan contains tailored lineups and there are also tiers with more channels. There should be something for everyone!  

Cox Communications for Advanced TV Features  

Cox Communication is a popular favorite across its entire coverage footprint. The company has worked hard on upgrading its infrastructure as well as its offerings over the years. Cox is available in most areas, but you may still want to confirm beforehand. However, if you can subscribe to the company’s cable TV plans, you won’t be disappointed. The provider offers a great cable TV service with a number of convenient plans to choose from. Taking the convenience several steps further, Cox also offers a Contour Voice Remote with its TV plans. The advanced TV remote allows users to access TV guides, search for shows, locate channels, and even control their DVR. All at a great price, of course! 

Charter Spectrum for Great Bundle Deals 

Spectrum has one of the largest coverage footprints across North America. This alone adds credibility to it being a strong and capable provider. But the provider’s real claim to popularity lies in its appealing bundle deals and promotional offers. The provider allows users to bundle 2 or more services at a great price and the added convenience of unified billing. For people stuck in service contracts, the provider often offers buyouts to first-time consumers. Moreover, it does not require regular customers to enter into a long-term agreement or contract.  

Optimum Cable for the Altice One Experience  

Optimum is another strong option to look at if it is available in your area. The provider has a smaller network than the others on its list. But that just means it has more attention to direct to its many service areas. Optimum offers reliable cable internet, TV, and home phone option for subscribers in its coverage footprint. Cable TV subscribers would look to the Altice One equipment’s convenience. The Altice One acts as a single gateway for cable TV, internet, and home phone. Meaning it would be the only piece of equipment you need to use for all 3 services.  

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