The Most Popular And Iconic Jewelry Designers In The 20th Century

Fashion and jewelry unequivocally exert enormous influence on society. The 20th century is considered the century that saw a revolution in the world of art and fashion. Jewelry and jewelry designs of the century got unmatched recognition, and so are the jewelry designers of the century.

The 20th century was an era of supreme designs in the jewelry world. They became such popular that till today, many of the designers are taken as examples and sources of inspiration by jewelry design lovers. The designers of the 20th century were so popular that they became some of the most exclusive and expensive jewelry brands of today. The designs of the jewelry designers from the century are a representation of personality. The hand-made creations of some of the popular artists have become a symbol of luxury that emphasizes power and exclusivity.

The top jewelry designers of the 20th century

Fashion has come a long since the start of the 20th century, and it includes jewelry too. Many exquisite and exclusive jewelry designs and designers are still popular today and you can find their works designed jewelry as you would like the Victorian jewelry in many antique stores and specialty shops.

Noted below are some of the top and iconic jewelry designers of the 20th century:

  • Jeanne Boivin

After the death of her husband in 1971, Jeanne took over the company and made it a leading jewelry company of the era. She became a popular name in the fashion and jewelry industry. Her works are still very famous today and are recognized to have the best collections of vintage jewelry. Some of her popular designs that are still loved today are the starfish brooch, which was designed by Jeanne in 1930. This brooch became so popular that it featured in Vogue magazine four times between 1937 and 1945.

  • Bourcheron

In the era of vintage jewelry in 1858, Bourcheron started gaining attention for its distinct jewelry designs. But it was only during the Paris Art Deco convention in 1925, Bourcheron’s designs caught the attention and started hitting the mainstream. It was during the Art Deco movement. Bourcheron’s designs heavily influenced the jewelry market and became famous all over. Today Bourcheron designs are rated the top jewelry designs in the vintage jewelry collection. It is to date of the best jewelry brands and is a massive hit all over.

  • Dunand

John Duanad, another name from the Art Deco era, is always been regarded for his exquisite jewelry designs, decorative art, and portraits. The specialty of Dunand’s Vintage Jewelry is that all are high-end jewelry. Made exclusively for the rich and the famous.

His jewelry works featured modern designs with luxurious material, which became made him a name synonymous with beauty and luxury.

  • Cartier

Cartier is not an unknown name in the fashion industry. It is a symbol of high-end fashion even today. As far as jewelry from the yesteryears is concerned, Cartier was able to create a name for them with the use of a wide variety of gemstones and precious metals in all their jewelry designs.

Cartier mastered the art of jewelry making in all types of Vintage jewelry designs and their jewelry pieces are considered as one of the most valuable possessions and the most sought after.

  • Paul Flato

Paul was a jeweler of the stars, catering to the jewelry needs of big Hollywood stars and personalities. Paul Flato founded his jewelry company in 1928 and the first store in Los Angeles in 1930. He became very famous for his figurative designs, and his designed pieces became a big hit with the then Hollywood stars like George Headley, Fulco, and Adolph Kleaty. His designed pieces of jewelry could be seen used in many Hollywood movies.

Jewelry has been a part of our culture since the beginning, and with time, it kept evolving and the use of various metals and materials could be seen in antique and Vintage Diamond Rings. The journey of jewelry through the early modern era till the now 21st century, all these years we could see some of the exquisite designs inspired by some creative designs.

In the 20th century, the Industrial revolution bought in many changes in several areas, including the jewelry industry. In the 20th century, jewelry became a status symbol, but at a much affordable price for the middle class. Indifferent metals replaced gold and imitation stones were used instead of gemstones and other precious stones.

The 20th century was also marked as an era where you could find a shift from traditional designs to more creative and bold designs with created a different effect altogether in the fashion world and became memorable. The focus was more on symbolic work including elements of eroticism and death. It was also an era that showed the way for men’s jewelry and that too wearing them in the open.

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