Tips on How to Play OSRS Mobile Efficiently

Playing OSRS on mobile can be extremely handy for players who temporarily do not have access to a PC or players who do not have access to a PC. When playing OSRS on mobile, there are incredibly challenging aspects such as questing, completing achievement diaries, checking the exact count of your OSRS GP, or killing specific combat bosses. On mobile, you’re missing some quality of life that you would get from specific plugins from Runelite. If you’re a mobile player, you’re always excited to learn new tips on making the grind more efficient, level up faster, and get more OSRS gold from whatever you’re doing.

Tips On How to Train Construction on Mobile Efficiently

Construction is one of the worst skills for mobile players. It’s so click and tap-intensive, but it will also take you through different types of taps. Long taps to open the Construction interface, short ones for selecting the ‘remove’ or ‘build,’ etc. It’s a lot of effort, and it will also drain your OSRS GP as Construction is one of the most expensive skills to train. You can enable the single tap option to make it slightly more manageable. The best alternative for mobile players is leveling Construction through the Mahogany Homes minigame If you have no access to the PC. It will remove the long taps and is more cost-efficient, so you’ll have more OSRS gold by spending less. Additionally, you’ll get points for the Construction outfit and Plank Sack.

Tips on How to Kill OSRS Bosses on Mobile Efficiently

Killing bosses is a great activity that many players love doing as it can prove to be very profitable. Bosses drop many uniques, and some of us even choose to do bosses on Slayer tasks for the extra Slayer XP. However, killing bosses on mobile can prove quite challenging. Whether you want to kill them for the OSRS GP, XP, or just the challenge, a great tip is first to learn the mechanics of that boss with the visual aids from the Runelite plugins. This is because learning the boss’ moves is tricky in most cases. You will be set once you know what you’re doing and get used to the mobile interface. Practice the boss you want to kill on a PC or if you do not have access to a PC, watch a YouTube guide on that boss.

For example, it will be beneficial for you to see the highlighted tile where you need to stand when soloing and safe spotting Dagannoth Rex before attacking it. Another thing to note is that there are certain bosses where you need a lot of speed of reaction, which is much harder to do on mobile. An example is killing Jad, where you have to alternate between Praying Protect from Magic and Protect from Range. This can be challenging on mobile, and unless you have a lot of experience in killing Jad, it will be a pain. Some bosses are easily doable on mobile. For example, the Kalphite Queen, Skotizo, Hespori, or the Kraken do not take an extra effort on mobile. If possible, you should learn them with Runelite and then do it on mobile, but if you do not have access to a PC, you can watch videos of that specific boss and see the key points.

Tips on How to train Thieving on Mobile Efficiently

Thieving is one of the click-intensive skills that can be easier on mobile than on PC. When your finger gets tired, you can simply use another finger. The best way to train Thieving on mobile is by trapping a Knight of Ardougne in the northeast home, then setting your camera over the bar so you can tap in the same place. Once you get to level 94, you don’t even have to look at your screen while tapping too often.

Pickpocketing Vyres or Elves is a Thieving-related money-making method that’s also much easier on mobile because of the single tap option. When enabled, you’ll need to zoom in and adjust your screen so that your tap on the Vyre/Elf and tap on the ‘pickpocket’ text are in the same place. You will have to double tap for each pickpocket attempt, but it is considerably more efficient than long-tapping than short-tapping. You can make significant profits with this method. You can sell the Blood Shards from the Vyres (these sell for a few million OSRS GP), use the non-tradeable Crystal Shards from Elves on tradeable potions, and sell Enchanted Crystal Teleport Seeds (which are worth a couple of million OSRS gold on the Grand Exchange).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you need to consider why you are playing on mobile, if it’s a temporary or a permanent thing, and which of these tips you want to implement. It’s easy to do any semi-AFK activities on mobile, such as smiting Cannonballs, making Planks with the Lunar Spellbook, or killing most of your AFK-able Slayer tasks. The only disadvantage of mobile Slayer is that you won’t see your loot as evident as on Runelite. Still, you can set your chat to notify you for a lower value — the same can be applied for valuable and untradeable OSRS items. The OSRS GP piles are not that hard to spot either. However, you might also consider if it’s worth wearing a Ring of Wealth to pick up the OSRS gold or Numulite (if your character is strong enough to be efficient against stronger monsters or if you’re assigned weaker monsters that drop a form of in-game currency).

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