TOP 5 Document Editing Tools for People Working Remotely

Technological advancements have made working remotely popular over the past few years. Many employers are now encouraging traditional employees to work from home for a good reason. It became clear that working conditions in remote areas have substantial advantages that cannot be ignored. Freelancers, bloggers, employees, business owners, and content marketers help connect, communicate, collaborate and increase productivity. In many cases, off-site workers can also save employers by providing training at a lower cost.

Editing tools are tools that allow for the easy formatting, editing, and accessibilities of documents. They also help remote workers maintain the essential documents for their work. As a remote worker, some document editing tools can help you perform your work more efficiently. 

1. PDFBear

PDFBear is a tool that allows you to edit PDF files without creating any problem or discrepancy to your file. The tool is very easy to use and affordable. PDFBear is a tool that allows you to add PDF pages, delete PDF pages, compress PDF, repair PDF, and convert PDF to Excel. PDF is one of the most used file formats for online users. There are so many reasons to convert your documents to PDF and vice versa. As a remote worker, you might need to convert your Excel file to PDF or PDF to Excel for documentation. 

How Does PDFBear Convert PDF to Excel

PDFBear is an online converter that converts PDF files to Excel spreadsheets without breaking the original document format. This means that the tables, formulas, and other data in the PDF file are the same as the newly created worksheet. After converting the PDF to Excel, you can download the Excel and save it to your device to configure all the necessary settings. With PDFBear, you can also send documents directly to the email of the receiver. That way, there would be no need to download the converted document. 

2. WPS office

For android users, the  WPS office is the leading Microsoft office for documents. Excel, words, PowerPoint, and text file format can also be worked on through the WPS office. This tool allows for the editing of different document types from PDF to Word. 

It allows for easy access to PDF documents and the editing of PDF documents. With WPS Office, you can convert many editable files into PDF files for free. As a remote worker, you can easily convert and edit your documents to PDF format anytime you need them with the help of WPS Office. 

3. Apple Pages

If you are a lover of Apple products, this might be a great editing tool to use. You can correct errors on your documents as well. So, remote workers using a Mac OS or an iPhone would likely adapt to this more easily than anyone.

Pages is a powerful word processor for creating impressive documents and is compatible with most Apple devices. It is a simple application that you can quickly use to create documents on your Apple device.  It also offers real-time collaboration for your team can collaborate from anywhere via a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC. Pages is a word processing program developed by Apple Inc. 

It is part of the iWork Productivity Suite and runs on Mac, iPad, and iOS, and it is also available in iCloud on the web. Pages were released more than a decade ago. The first version was released in 2005. Several Apple-designed templates are available for different themes like letters, resumes, posters, statements, etc.

4. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper is a tool that allows for the opening and editing of files online. What makes it very easy to use is its compatibility with most gadgets. Also, it is a mobile-friendly tool that helps to edit from the phone. So, if you don’t need to have your computer system with you, as long as you have your file saved in Dropbox, you can open it from the Dropbox paper and edit it directly. 

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document editing service that was developed by Dropbox. Dropbox Paper was officially announced back in October 2015 and released in January 2017. It provides web and mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Dropbox Paper allows teams to create, review, review, manage and organize everything in shared documents. However, it has been criticized for lacking formatting options and editing features. Although the interface was thought to be minor, reviewers noted that the lack of competing products makes Dropbox Paper challenging to use. 

5. LibreOffice

This is an excellent and powerful editor for documents. It constitutes several tools that help to improve your editing. It also suggests the best way to edit your files for you. Editing with LibreOffice makes your documents look professional and arranged while still maintaining the document’s original content. 

LibreOffice is a free, open-source software package for Office software, a project of The Document Foundation (TDF). The LibreOffice suite includes word processing programs for creating and editing spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, images, working with databases, and creating formulas. This tool also supports 115  different languages. 

LibreOffice is an international standard known as Open Document Format (ODF) or International Organization for Standardization (ODF) ISO, the default file format for storing documents in all applications. One helpful feature of LibreOffice is that it supports other office suites like Microsoft Office and Outlook. 


Digital software is helpful for people who work remotely from anywhere. There are different kinds of software available for working online. Some fall into the category of communication and video conferencing tools. Others can include tools for documentation, editing, and storage. 

This software are easy-to-use tools that facilitate remote collaboration with other team members. Documentation is essential in any organization and as such, document editing tools. There would be a need to convert documents, edit texts, merge or even split documents from time to time. 

With the increase in document editing and file management software, remote workers are encouraged to learn how to use one or more of these tools. This gives employees the chance to use files and folders that are delivered and shared digitally among teammates.

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