Toyota Tacoma Hacks

A friend of mine recently bought himself a used Toyota Tacoma, and came to me (a long time owner) for ways to improve his car. Although he loved his new pickup, he knew I had all the ways to make the most of it. Here are a few tips I shared with him that you might want to consider. 

Power Up Your Engine With Better Airflow

While the Tacoma’s engine packs quite a punch, you can never get enough when it comes to mid-sized trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that do a lot of heavy lifting. The best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma should be able to increase airflow to your engine by efficiently eliminating waste gases. This makes more room for air (mainly oxygen) to fuel the combustion needed to drive your engine and produce enough torque. You get better fuel economy from this process, and an added benefit is less pollution because the more toxic gases are converted to less harmful chemicals that won’t have as big an impact on the environment. 

Get Yourself A Great Tonneau Bed Cover

Just because you own a pickup, it doesn’t mean you need to give up the idea of having storage space that isn’t easily accessible by every passerby. A bed cover is an easy solution but it is only worth purchasing if you get a high quality one that will actually protect your cargo from harsh weather.  

Don’t Forget A Tailgate Lock

Not only should you be protecting your cargo from bad weather, but we all know that a bed cover is not going to secure your possessions from theft. A tailgate lock is an essential for any pickup truck owner, so you can lock up the contents of the bed.

Stop Those Floor Mats From Slipping Around

Especially on off roads, you’re going to notice that the floor mats where no one is seated tend to slip and slide everywhere. This may be a small nuisance, but it’s worth it to invest in anti-slip clips for your floor mats. 

Avoid The Glare From Your Hood

Despite the more rugged look that the bulge on the hood has, there is a clear drawback that many owners have voiced—the glare on sunny days can seriously compromise your vision and possibly give you a headache. A simple hack is to just get a blocker decal to counteract the reflective material and allow for better vision when the sun is blazing up high. This is a problem no matter which type of terrain you tend to drive in, so I think it’s a worthy investment. 

Can’t Afford New Wheels? Get Wheel Spacers 

We all know that many of us get these types of vehicles for the aesthetics just as much as their utility for offroads. If you want the aggressive look of new (bigger) wheels but still can’t afford to invest in them—get wheel spacers instead. 

In the end, my friend didn’t take all the advice I gave him, but he certainly benefited from many of these hacks. Choose the most appropriate upgrades for your vehicle that suit your needs and your budget. 

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