Types of Presentation Folders and Their Benefits

Any business, big or small, requires promotion. With stiff competition in all spheres of business marketing, companies look for innovative ways to market their product and services. A promotional conference folder is a practical and effective way to advertise a business.

These folders are handed out to clients and other attendees at industry conferences and seminars, either by the conference organisers or by individual presenters.

Often, these folders are part of the presentation folders given to all those present for a particular talk and contain details of company agendas, sales descriptions, and other meeting materials.

Presentation folders are given to delegates attending the meet so that they can take notes, place important papers and documents in one place, and keep the business cards of new contacts they meet during the length of the conference.

With such a useful item to take care of all kinds of documentation, delegates are sure to make a mental note of the company’s name and logo, which features on the cover of the folder.

Why Use Presentation Folders as Means of Promotion?

The marketing manager or the public relation officer at an organisation suggests the distribution of folders as part of their advertising campaign in the upcoming conference meet.

Since the meet will be an important event attended by some of the esteemed clients of the company and prospective clients, presenting them with an A5 presentation folder is an effective way to spread the word about the company. Let us see how.

This strategy is famous as brand recognition and is highly effective in leaving an imprint on peoples’ minds. This is the primary goal of any promotional product- to make a company’s product and service a common name for existing and prospective clients.

Another reason why companies use A4 presentation folders is the brand visibility factor that it offers at events like corporate seminars and meets.

Sales representatives and other executives who participate or are present at these conferences also help in the company’s brand promotion. With them carrying a folder that displays the company’s name, logo and tagline make for a smart advertising strategy.

Knowing the type of design or the purpose of creating a folder is important in embarking folder printing. It can done with custom pockets and custom sizes, depending on its usage.

There are several kinds of presentation folder printing. Continue reading the article to learn about the types of folders and their advantages.

1. Standard Presentation Folder

Standard pocket folders are usually manufacture using thick cardboard. Some have paper folded in the center. This is a specific folder that you typically see in the business section of your local stationary stores.

However, the uniqueness of the personalised folders is that you can put them in additional pockets to sort more necessary paperwork or files.

The standard design normally comes in showcasing your branding. It can store traditional size paper or other smaller sized files. There are also colour folders with the same structure, which are frequently use for press releases, business presentations, reports etc.

2. Business Presentation Folders

Another type of folder is known as the Business Presentation Folders. This is almost similar to the standard pocket folder. However, it provide more spaces to store more files, documents and other important things that need to be store.

These are normally use as public relation kits, press kits, and file reading materials needed during presentations. Business personalised presentation folders are very beneficial to those who need to store important files neatly.

There are folders where purloins come with slits making it tranquil for you to slide the documents inside easily. These are frequently use in storing various business files like folders such as custom-sized reports, booklets, brochures, modified flyers and many more.

3. Special Custom Presentation Folder

Folder printing can be costly due to the expensive material needed in printing. The special custom folder is the most ingeniously creat folder among other types of a presentation folder.

They come in several pockets, folds and sizes. It can accommodate legal papers, letter papers or smaller half sizes used especially for important presentations.

Personalised A4 folder comes with different folds such as fate folds, centre folds, three folds etc. Even the pockets come in different shapes and sizes.

Look at these three important points, which will elaborate on the benefits of folders before you.

  • With the printed vision of the organisation and brand name on, A5 folder keeps on developing a sense of consciousness and loyalty among workers and people who use them.
  • Psychologically, they are a very interesting element in shaping the public mind in favour or against a given product, idea and company.
  • Folders are an important element in corporate exchanges and meetings. Therefore, unlike the stickers and banners, these are design for corporate customers and stakeholders. They help the company make its presence strong in the commercial circles.
  • Folders with brand name and vision printed give investors a sense of significance and provide valuable input about long-term strategic objectives. This might change his views and perception and influence him to do business with it.
  • Psychosomatic research has found that the more a person looks at something or listens about it, the more addicted and loyal he becomes to it.

In the light of this research, we can say that printing the A4 folder can create greater loyalty in the minds of the firm’s staffers and other business stakeholders who have a genuine business interest in you.

No more last-minute looking around for papers that are strewn somewhere on your desk!

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