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Various Astrological Remedies to Gain Financial Stability

Wealth is one thing that people run after the most in their entire lifetime. They say that money can make your life more comfortable and trouble-free. The key way to make sure that you are blessed with plenty of wealth is to ensure that Lord Kuber is happy with you. According to the astrologers in Gurgaon, Lord Kuber is the God of Wealth. If you keep the god happy, you may never face any financial issues in your life.

If you are undergoing any monetary loss or financial issue, then prior to making any choice that entails monetary transaction, have a look at your horoscope. By doing this, you may find a long-term resolution that can deal with the reason for the chaos in your financial state.

If it does not prove helpful and problems still exist, you must consider the Vedic astrological remedies that can aid you in resolving your financial issues.

In this write-up, we’ll be discussing the best Vedic astrological remedies that you can use to avoid financial instability. Keep reading to learn about them.

The Best Vedic Astrological Remedies to Get Rid Of Financial Troubles

  1. Get a photograph of goddess Maha Lakhsmi and install it at your place of worship. Pray at least two times a day.
  2. Avoid taking anything for free. Also, do not give any of your skills without asking for a fee.
  3. The money acquired via wrong activities will never stay. Always keep this in mind when making a deal.
  4. Shani or Saturn can also set off financial miseries. The Saturn can be alleviated by chanting to it. By praying to Shani on a daily basis, you can fend off financial nightmares.
  5. Avoid keeping broken or damaged vessels within the house.
  6. Strive to give some part of your salary to charity each month.
  7. Feed a cow with green grass each Wednesday to prevail over financial woes.
  8. Keep the Kuber Yantra on a red cloth while you offer prayers at the worship place.
  9. The woman of the house must fling a jug full of water each morning at the main door.
  10. Place a mirror before the locker to let the money come in.
  11. Plant a basil tree or “Tulsi” in your home and light an earthen lamp (Diya) near it daily.

Other Astrology Tips To Get Financial Steadiness

  1. Try not to keep the salt in an open container. This will negatively impact your financial state.
  2. If you are undergoing financial problems, you need to plant a banana tree at a temple. Anyone can do this, be it the man or woman of the house.
  3. Rinse your mouth every morning before having tea or water. It would be great if you had never touched a cow, fire, or any Brahman with dirty hands.
  4. To improve your financial health, you should keep a gold chess coin. Additionally, you must feed the dog with milk and keep the feathers of a peacock inside your room.
  5. Try to meditate and worship the almighty Maha Lakshmi. You should also apply a tilak of saffron on your forehead. Besides that, you must also make a pure saffron swastika outside the house.

Planets Responsible For Wealth

Venus and Jupiter are the planets responsible for bringing wealth. As per the astrologer in Gurgaon, Venus and Jupiter are acknowledged as the Dhan-karakas, the signs of wealth and affluence. 

Besides these two planets, the moon is also the major reason for wealth in astrology, and Venus gives every kind of comfort and extravagance in life. What’s more, Mercury shows monetary profits and profits in business. astrologer in Gurgaon

About Dhana Yoga

Dhan yoga takes place due to many situations:

  • While the lord of the 2nd house and the lord of the Lagna jointly connect with the lord of the 11th, 9th, and 5th house of wealth.
  • While the lord of the 9th house connects with the lord of the 11th house.
  • While the lord of the 5th house connects with the lord of the 9th or 11th house.
  • While the lord of the 2nd house connects with the lord of the 11th, 9th, and 5th house.

The 9th and 5th houses of wealth are acknowledged as the House of Devi Lakshmi. Therefore, the interconnection of these houses (11th, 9th, 5th, and 2nd) guarantee wealth and affluence.

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