Detailed Tour of Background Verification Platform With API Integration

Every successful organization must conduct a background verification check during recruitment and employee selection.

As organizations aim to promote diversity and a culture of inclusivity, there is an increased need for integrated background checks within the HR employee recruitment process. One of the most significant background check processes is integrating the verification process with API integration.

APIs have various features with efficient management systems to enable companies to get the right staff. Besides the background checks, they enable companies to comply with various state and federal regulations regarding employment. Here are some details about using API for background checks.

How Do API Verification Background Checks Work?

A background verification platform integrated with API is much easier since it operates a dashboard that provides all the details an employer needs. But first, the employee must apply for the job and submit all their relevant details for the HR qualification check and selection process. The verification can begin from the first stage of the recruitment process or in the subsequent stages. It is good to start at the initial stages for the system to have a lot of data search and verification time.

Once you qualify for the first stage selection process, the candidates will receive a link for the company. They will fill in all their details and provide other data necessary for the check. Such data include names on the certificates, social security numbers, and other details.

The Employee Must Provide The Following Data

The screening and verification method aims to inform the company about red flags amongst the staff they are hiring. It can also provide results about employees that employers need to make decisions about the recruitment process.

Before generating the results, the system will check the data from multiple platforms and focus on various areas to find anything positive or negative about the candidate. The background identity verification API will check for the following record. The main reason for confirming these records is to avoid fraud, false information, and ill intentions by the candidates.

1. Academic Qualification

The academic qualifications check will focus on areas such as high school and college education to ensure the certificates are legitimate; the candidate attended schools and the legitimacy. The certificate’s legitimacy is run against the university and country-wide student databases. It also covers other elements such as education levels and any ongoing classes identified by the employee.

2. Criminal Records

The system runs the employee details against the FBI crime databases and other databases, such as immigration databases, that will show any records of travel bans and other essential details.

The criminal background checks will also reveal data about juvenile detention, other crimes such as failure to file taxes, and other simpler crimes within the crime databases. The system will also conduct a credit history to verify any scams, non-payment of bills, and other minor financial crimes.

3. References Check

The background check will also follow up on the reference officers to verify if the information provided is legitimate.

Finally, the team will check on social media to ensure the details provided in the resume, such as the name, are authentic and genuine. Social media can also be used to verify the address details provided.

4. Work History

The verification will cover all the previous places the candidate has worked. The role of this check is to identify issues such as reasons for contract termination, any misconduct in the previous work, and the employer’s thoughts about the candidate.

Notably, the system will also conduct a background check covering areas such as place of birth, age, and citizenship.

Benefits of Integrating Background Verification With APIs

APIs are critical for helping human resources conduct background checks. Here are some benefits you should anticipate:

1. Less Turnaround

Unlike traditional methods, background checks take a shorter period than paper-based checks. They can outsource the verification data from different sources, including social media platforms. The checks can search for the data from a wide database within the shortest period, and the results are relatively accurate.

2. Scalability

Traditional background check platforms are limited in terms of data accessibility; however, the integration with API increases the scope and wider data to access. This gives access to a large data volume necessary for accurate results.

3. Accuracy

Bad hiring episodes are expensive for organizations, especially when they get the wrong employee. The organization could face issues such as non-compliance with regulations, hiring a criminal, and getting employees who may not stay longer. Hiring someone without sufficient background checks also risks company data and trade secrets. Therefore, accuracy matters, and complete background checks are necessary at all times.

Where To Incorporate Background Verification Check APIs?

There are various points in which you can integrate the background verification check API depending on the organization’s needs.

On most occasions, companies outsource the background check functions; since the API integrated formation is most automated, you can integrate it as part of company growth phases to ensure you hire employees who are necessary for the company’s needs. This is the stage to automate most services and convert manual functions to automated ones.

The next process is when you desire to be an industry leader. At this stage, the goal is to eliminate all potential errors and streamline the system. You can use it for supplier background checks to ensure you have the right suppliers. You can also use it for contractors to avoid any negative reputations for dealing with certain contractors. You can use it to hire the right employees by ensuring compliance with regulations and to support the goals and objectives to tighten recruitment processes.

You need the API-integrated verification checks when you desire to offer the best customer services by ensuring excellent customer engagement. They will help you find the right human resources willing to comply with the industry’s needs and meet the company’s goals and objectives.


A background check is necessary to maintain high recruitment standards in a company. It is also critical for selecting the right contractors and other partners. With the whole process automated, you are likely to enjoy the benefits of system automation, especially in the result accuracy, turnaround duration, and scalability. The success of the automated system depends on the data provided and other minor details such as social media details.

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