Video Intercom With Mobile Application: Why Your Building Needs One

Nowadays, it appears that a smartphone can perform every task. With the touch of a button, you may control your home’s temperature, order meals to be delivered directly to your door, or even hire a dog walker or cleaning service. Additionally, you may now remotely unlock doors, gates, and control entrances to your building because of advances in real estate technology. All of that is accessible because of the video intercom with remote unlock features and a mobile application.

With the help of a strong mobile app and today’s modern apartment video intercoms, building staff and tenants may give access and communicate with guests from a distance without the need for complex or expensive in-unit hardware.

Learn more about smartphone video intercoms, how they function, and why you should get one for your building.

How do video intercoms work?

The video intercom is a type of building access system that regulates access and allows tenants and guests to communicate through video. In building entrances, video intercoms are set up so that guests and delivery people can ask to enter or inform a tenant of their visit.

When a guest enters a facility equipped with a video intercom system, they can find the person they are meeting in the directory of the system. Afterward, they send the tenant a call. On their smartphone, the tenant gets a video call, which they may accept to see and communicate with the guest. Then, by tapping the ‘door open’ button, the resident can remotely unlock the door for the visitor.

What is a mobile application with a video intercom?

It is a specific type of video intercom system that allows smartphone use by building residents to take calls and open doors one that features a mobile app. Most video intercoms controlled by apps are internet protocol intercoms, which means they operate on the internet.

Tenants and building employees can download a smartphone app that links with the video intercom system on their own devices.

With the use of a mobile application, residents may receive a guest’s video call and respond. They can also remotely unlock the door and browse a record of all building access activities that contain the time and date-stamped photos. Moreover, they can send guests digital keys and create one-time delivery passes, and send them to the couriers.

How to integrate a mobile app with a video intercom?

A building maintenance employee must first log in to the video intercom’s cloud-based dashboard to use it with a mobile app. Staff members can connect with existing property management systems or other goods they already use, update the resident directory from the dashboard, manage access rights, and check audit logs of entry activities. Residents download the intercom company’s application to their smartphones after staff has registered them to the directory. Last but not least, residents can accept visitor calls and remotely unlock the gate or door.

Why your building needs a video intercom with a mobile application?

An access control system is necessary for any building. In reality, many buildings must have an intercom system in some locations.

Although there are several options for building entry systems, a video intercom with a mobile app provides the most perks for property management, tenants, guests, and even property developers and owners.

Perks of video intercom with a mobile application

For residents and tenants:

  • A video intercom with a smartphone app offers convenience and security to both apartment tenants and business renters.
  • Remote-controlled features.
  • Multiple doors opening options.
  • Easy access for guests.
  • Avoid missing any deliveries.

For building employees and property management:

  • Cloud-based control.
  • There is no requirement to purchase and set up key fobs.
  • There is no hardware within the unit.
  • Improve the satisfaction of residents.

One of the most latest innovations in door entry control systems is the use of video intercoms with mobile applications. Although there are many video intercom service providers, some still use outdated in-unit hardware rather than smartphones.

Every building’s property access is improved by video intercoms with a mobile application since they allow you to control entry and open doors from your phone.

Everyone benefits from using a video intercom with a mobile application, including developers, owners, building managers, and tenants. Not only does it reduce expenses, but it also gives staff the ability to manage the system remotely and make sure tenants never miss a guest or delivery.

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