Why Vingo App Takes Forever to Develop

The problem with apps these days is that they need to be updated constantly. This is not just the case for end-users like you and me, but for the developers too. There are new features that come up almost every minute and they have to be integrated into the app to give the users the latest trends they expect.

This is true for online running apps like Vingo too. The app is state-of-the-art in the morning, but by the evening it will require an additional software patch to meet with a new trend that comes up in social media.

The Windows App is Again Under Development

The Vingo App, which was available for android and windows for the past few months is now again under development, not from scratch, but with new looks, new feel and new UI improvements. We know what you’re thinking. ‘What does it have to do with us? we’re just the users.’ The thing is, for you users to get the best possible experience from the app, we developers need to constantly improve your experience with it. The UX in the windows app will need to be compatible with the windows platform and also be unique to the app. This means, we will have to constantly monitor the app’s performance. 

Android App is Still Under Development

If the Windows app needs that much attention, you can think of how much the Android app, the version used by the most people across the world, will need. As much as we make the app simple for android users, there is always a need for us to improve it. Our users rely so much on the app to get fit for the most part of the year and this puts us in tremendous pressure to give them the best possible UX they deserve. It might even take a whole lot of time for us to add new features into the app, features like, new maps to explore, new avatar features, new challenges, new routes etc. But they are worth the effort when our users find them useful.

You Can Enjoy the iOS App Now

With so much going on with the two above versions, we can safely say they will be constantly up-to-date, forever. On the other side, the iPhone users have been demanding their own version of the app for too long. And although it took us a lot of time to bring it out, we are proud to say we’ve done it. The new iOS app is available for you in the app store.

Get the Best from this Fitness App

Whatever phone or OS you use, we are here to give you the best experience out of the app. We stand by our secret motto, to help people get fit the fun way, in every version of our app. So, have fun, and leave the work to us. Install the  run go app on your mobile today and get fit by running or cycling.

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