What Are The Requirements Of PMP Certification Online?

The query serves as both the starting point for your pursuit of PMP certification online and a crucial piece of knowledge for all aspiring PMPs. In all sectors, the most significant credential for project managers is the Project Management Professional (PMP). It is an international accreditation that enables you to manage projects in practically any nation. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to use any approach in any setting while working in any business.

But before you start your PMP journey, you must complete some educational and professional prerequisites in order to take the PMP exam. These requirements are specified in PMI blog. The experience requirement demonstrates your soft skills for taking the PMP test, and the educational requirements demonstrate that you have the necessary academic grounding for project management. The amount of experience you need for the PMP, however, varies based on the educational criteria you meet.

Criteria For PMP eligibility

According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Wage Study, PMP qualified project managers often make more money than their non-certified colleagues. A certain degree of project management expertise is required for PMP certification. The PMI has an extremely tight application and audit procedure for appropriate education and experience criteria that one needs to be PMP certified, which is why businesses and organisations give it more credibility than other qualifications in the market.

Since the company holds the certification in high respect, if you include your PMP certification on your resume, the employer will know that you have adhered to the rigorous standards for the certification, demonstrating your experience and expertise in project management. The PMP certification test is difficult to take and pass.

You may discover all the prerequisites established by PMI for taking the PMP test in the PMP Credential Handbook if you’re wondering where you can look to see whether you meet these requirements. Knowing all there is to know about PMP certification—including who may apply and how—will be helpful. The following qualifications must be met in order to take the exam:

  • At least three years of project management experience is required, along with a bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent. Your three years of experience should include 4,500 hours spent planning and managing projects as well as 35 hours of project management training. 
  • If you don’t have a four-year degree, you must have at least five years of project management experience and a secondary diploma (high school or its equivalent internationally). You should have 7,500 hours of project management experience from your five years of work, along with about 5 hours of project management training.

Satisfy The 35-Contact-Hour Requirement For Project Management Education For The PMP

  • You must fulfil one of the qualifying conditions in order to sit for the PMP certification test. You must also complete 35 hours of project management education in order to meet the PMP exam eligibility requirements, though.

If you are thinking how, you can complete the 35 hours of project management education, then you may sign up for PMP certification course for the same. You can get the necessary guidance from professionals during this training to pass the PMP exam in one sitting.

ConclusionMeeting the eligibility criteria for taking the PMP certification test is one step closer to your dream of becoming a PMP certified. This is crucial when planning to start the process. You can also seek the support of professionals who can guide you on everything from eligibility criteria to costs involved to training to working of automation platform for project management for a hassle-free journey for you.

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