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What did I learn from dissertation disasters?

You learn the best when you are going through a certain difficult situation. It makes you strong and also a source to convey to others the lessons you have learned. This post basically caters to dissertation disasters. 

You may have heard from numerous Buy dissertation UK writers as well as our professors to never take a dissertation lightly. After going through my post, you will hopefully underhand why they have always warned us. 

Lessons I Learned From Dissertation Disasters

Starting Early:

I can not stress enough the fact how important it is to start writing a dissertation earlier. As soon as your teacher starts mentioning it. You have to get started with planning, researching, and writing your dissertation. This comes from the place of experience, I started my dissertation on time but with all the other commitments I had, it was tough to complete my dissertation on time. But on top of this, I procrastinated a lot more often than I would usually do.

 This is probably because the dissertation, itself is a very lengthy task. That is why I lost my motivation to do it and procrastinated. There are other reasons why you may procrastinate too, such as:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of understanding
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Perfectionism
  • Low energy levels
  • Poor organization skills (Oxfordlearning, 2019).

The point is, you are going to encounter a lot of hurdles when attempting your dissertation, May it be during research or writing. What I have learned from my experience is that if I had started early I would have had time to complete my dissertation without hurrying. I was lucky enough to submit it on time, simply because I am a fast person but this is not the case for all. So all of you whose teachers have already asked them to start writing a dissertation, please start writing it as soon as possible for your own benefit.

Time Management:

Time management is a really important aspect. It allows you to achieve a goal in a designated time frame (Helpwithdissertation, 2021). Students have to practice time management if they want to complete their dissertation on time. I never really thought time management will be an issue since students are given a lot of time to complete the dissertation. I only practiced time management for assignments that had to be submitted in days. This is where I was wrong. 

Time management is as necessary for a dissertation as it is for any other assignment. You can let go of planning just because you have a lot of time to complete it. In fact, it is the lengthy task that leads to management the most or else they will fall all over the place. It will lead to unnecessary confusion.

I realized my mistake halfway when I was writing the dissertation because some chapters were taking more time to complete than they should. If I had not started planning my dissertation then, I would have definitely missed the deadline.

To plan my dissertation, I first broke the task into chunks, then allotted each of them a time slot and the day I was going to complete them. I also scheduled when I will have my breaks too. 

Once you start planning out things, you can identify how long you have to study and how often. You will also figure out the frequency and duration of the breaks you can take. If you are incapable of following the schedule then you have to adjust the time somewhere else. This way your dissertation will not be compromised.

Taking Help:

Trust me when is say this, you are going to need a lot of help with your dissertation. Conversing with your professors, your tutors, and whatnot. I hit rock bottom so many times that I just wished that someone could write my dissertation for me.

Taking help is something students often protest to. Even I did it. I used to think that if I need to take help from others for completing my dissertation then I have learned nothing, wasted my money, and therefore am a bad student. But when I saw that I was not alone and needed help, I felt a little more motivated to seek assistance. 

I spoke to some of my seniors and they also pointed out that taking help is actually going to improve my dissertation. According to them, if I take help from others instead of pondering how to solve a problem myself then I will be saving a lot of time. Another thing they said is, that if there are multiple minds helping me out then they can help me come up with new ideas as well.

I did not have to suffer much to realize that I also needed help and I started seeking it from knowledgeable resources. If I realized this before my dissertation turned into a mess I hope you will realize it from the start and save yourself from extra panic.

Editing and Proofreading:

Finally, you have editing ad proofreading. These both are part of revising your entire dissertation. If you have the time obviously, I say this because some of you have got literally no time to edit and proofread your dissertation. This is obviously because you have other things to attend to or the deadline is nearby. 

You are not alone in who did it. A lot of students fail to edit and proofread their dissertation for the same reason. Although some people are just lazy to do it. Since editing and proofreading are the final steps, missing out on them for whatever reason will cause great damage. There are high chances that the university board will not even accept it because there are too many mistakes in it. 

That is why if you do not have enough time to edit and proofread by yourself, ask a friend to do it. Ever submit your dissertation without editing and proofreading.


So this is what I have learned from dissertation disasters ad if you too do not want your dissertation writing experience to be awful, learn from this post.


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