What is the real value of getting Cisco certification?

In 2013, Cisco completed a survey of employers about the value of Cisco-certified employees. This study was designed to understand how employers evaluate Cisco Certified employees, with a particular focus on how employers measure the value Cisco Certified employees create in their respective jobs. Since the launch of the Cisco certification program, there have been more than 2 million Cisco-certified engineers worldwide, and the number of certified engineers reflects the value and recognition of Cisco certification. To this end, Cisco hopes to quantify the value created by network professionals for the enterprise through this research and improve it.

Cisco-certified engineers can handle problems more than 20% faster than general engineers and solve problems more efficiently. Cisco-certified engineers have 30% higher customer satisfaction or more than general engineers, and Cisco-certified engineers can use the network downtime on average by about 37% less than general engineers[check for more]. From these data, there is no doubt that Cisco-certified network Engineers do have stronger professional abilities.

As demand for advanced networking professionals increases, having Cisco certifications has never been more important, as it helps employers assess and recognize the skill level of network engineers in an increasingly competitive job market. Certifications allow these great people to stand out, even in a challenging economy, because it’s the quickest way to help employers judge whether you’re up to the job, so Cisco’s credentials are a great stepping stone.

Why take the Cisco certificate?

With the rapid pace of technological development and updates and the unprecedented increase in demand for advanced networking professionals, having certifications has never been more important. In an increasingly competitive job market, employers will use your Cisco certification to assess and recognize your skill level and judge whether you are competent for the job, that is, it is a good demonstration of your ability.

Employers know that certified employees are more productive and successful, so certification can help candidates stand out in the job market. Surveys show that having professional certifications helps employees do their jobs better, helps businesses get the most from their products, and reduces time and expenses. Keeping pace with the development of new technologies, with the increasing technical complexity of IT network solutions, the basic knowledge of the network is no longer enough to meet its needs. Today, network experts must master network systems that combine security, wireless and voice. Certification helps job seekers pursue new opportunities and build new careers. In today’s advanced network infrastructure, they will find job opportunities based on more complex services and architectures.

Employers are looking for people who can keep up with changes in the network and are ready for the revolution in network infrastructure. A recognized professional certification is your best preparation for a new career—especially those related to cybersecurity, voice, and wireless networking.

Getting certified can help you earn a higher salary, and not only are cyber experts generally paid more than others, but certified professionals are more likely to earn more. Because certification affirms your skills and enhances your value, your salary will naturally be higher.

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