What Makes The Dhow Cruise Different From Others?

For the residents in Dubai, the quality and innovative experience of Dhow Cruise is not new. It is a luxurious dine-in experience that they can avail themselves of and enjoy whenever they feel like it. However, the real dilemma occurs for the tourists who want to visit Dubai and explore the wonderful city by being on a luxurious and glamorous Dhow Cruise. By going through all the available options of the Dhow Cruise, the visitors need to decide which of the Dhow cruise experience is better comparing Dhow cruising in Dubai Marina vs. Dhow cruising in Dubai Creek. In this article, we are going to discuss and compare some aspects of both cruises to let visitors decide which one is better suitable for them.

Sightseeing and Views

The views and beautiful sightseeing when it comes to cruising are very important. The Cruising in Dubai creek has its charm and offers the viewers a valuable experience of its own. However, the views at Dubai reek may get limited. Dubai creek allows the visitors to explore more of a traditional and cultural side of Dubai including places like the Dubai Municipality building and Sheraton etc. Whereas, Dubai Marina offers explores a rather modernized and contemporary side of Dubai. The architecture and construction of the buildings and places to view are top-notch. The incredible view of the skyline while having a dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina is indeed exceptional.

Quality Services

A variety of quality services are being offered at both Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina dhow cruise. However, the price rate at Dubai Marina is a bit higher as compared to Dubai creek dhow cruise due to the added value services being offered to clients. Scrumptious and delicious food offering various cuisines such as International, Indian, and Emirati, etc. truly elevates the cruising experience for tourists. Apart from appealing food, various other entertainment services are being offered to the visitors such as Live Music, Professional DJ, Trained Belly Dancers, and Tanura Dancers at the cruise to provide the visitor with a sense of tranquility and quality time with the loved ones. The overall services that are being offered on both the dhow cruise are of quality and may allow the travelers to have quality time with their family and friends.


The overall ambiance at Dubai Creek is quite normal and involves a sense of daily routine hustle and bustle. It is like a routine cruising experience offering not an added plus for the visitors. This is more sort of general and business ambiance having daily routine hustle, traffic on either side of the cruise, barges touching the ports, and much more. On the other hand, Dubai Marina offers an ambiance that may appeal more to the travelers and visitors that are planning to explore the beautiful city anytime soon. They offer only leisure vessels and have an environment of relaxation, enjoyment and involve a quality and relaxed vibe. Dubai Marina also offers its valuable consumers private yachts, small fishing boats, and other dhows to have quality time with their loved ones. The people that you may find out on Dubai Marina are usually the residents visiting the wonderful city and spending quality time with family or the visitors or travelers from all around the world to explore the wonderful city.

Summing Up!

For passionate travel enthusiasts and explorers worldwide, the Dhow cruise experience in Dubai will surely be one of a kind. All you require is to research and compare which of the dhow cruise facility will serve you better.

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