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What Things To Consider When Applying For Bridging Visa? Get Legal Advice

The Bridging Visa in Australia is the only way to live within the country for a specific period. You can only apply for a bridging visa when your current visa expires and wait for the application procedure for another visa to complete. So, when applying for a bridging visa, there are several things you have to put under consideration. To know what these things are, go through the information provided in this article.

Applying For Bridging Visa: Things To Consider

When you are applying for the Australian bridging visa, here are some things you must consider. Check below!

Conditions Under Which The Bridging Visa Will Be Granted

Before you apply for this particular visa, there are several conditions that you have to check. These conditions are:

  • When you have done something against Australian law, you need to make preparations to leave the nation. 
  • The actual visa has expired and waiting for a final decision on the brand-new visa application.
  • You have intervened with the Ministry. 
  • Waiting for visa decision or a court appeal.
  • Made application against the visa cancellation and refusal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or AAT. 

Type Of Bridging Visa You Need 

There are five different types of bridging visas available, and you can opt for the one that matches your requirements. Here, in this section, you will learn briefly about the bridging visas that are available. They are:

BVA or Bridging Visa A

The Bridging Visa A is one of the main visas that you will undoubtedly come across. When residing within Australian soil on a substantive visa, you are free to apply for another visa and lodge a valid application. Doing so will help you obtain BVA. Remember, the visa application might get refused when you apply for the BVA, and you have to depart from the country within 28 days. But if you appeal against the decision at the AAT, you will instantly receive an extension for your BVA until the Tribunal makes a proper decision. 

BVB or Bridging Visa B

When you wish to travel outside of Australia for a specific period, you must apply for the Bridging Visa B as it’s the only way to do so. This is a visa, which is also used for the BVA holders, but the travel rights of the BVB will expire based on the travel dates that the Department of Immigration issues once you return to Australia. So, if you wish to go out of the country for a holiday or business-related work, you need to apply for a proper visa to proceed further.  

BVC or Bridging Visa C

The Bridging Visa C stands out as a temporary visa that allows you to stay lawfully within the country. If you hold a substantive visa and apply for the bridging visa, you will surely receive the BVC instead of the BVA. But as a BVC holder, you cannot opt for a BVB because you will be bound to stay within Australian waters. So, if you leave the country with the BVC, you will surely lose all your returning rights to Australia. But you will surely be allowed to work depending on the working circumstances. 

BVD or Bridging Visa D

This particular visa is not like the other visas because it’s provided within limited circumstances. You will receive the BVD or Bridging Visa D when you are: Carrying an Australian and will be a country’s non-citizen [will become one in 2-3days], and you will make a proper application for a substantive visa within 5days. 

Apart from that, you will also receive the BVD visa try to unsuccessfully make a lawful application for a substantive visa in Australia. This particular visa will be official granted to you by the Department of Immigration. But if you are trying to apply it directly, you need to use Form 1007.

BVE or Bridging Visa E

This is another visa that will allow you to stay in Australia but for certain reasons. You can only apply for the Bridging Visa E when you:

  • Appeal to an Australian court for a judicial review.
  • Apply to the Tribunal to review your case.
  • Appeal to the Ministry after the review cased gets rejected by the Tribunal.

When you have the BVE, you will be eligible to apply for another bridging visa nor get the chance to travel outside of the country. If you wish to apply for this visa, use form 1008 to proceed further. 

How Can Immigration Agents Help In This Matter?

The Immigration Agent Perth is the right person to turn to when you have decided to apply for a BV. They are skilled and experienced within this particular area and will provide you with the help you need on such matters. 

Bridging Visas follows the same procedure when applying, but you are doing it for the first time, taking the help of an immigration agent will be a good choice. On the other hand, some of these visas are associated with many legal complexities that only Registered Migration Agent Perth can understand. 

They will provide you with their full guidance during the time of your need. The professional agents have helped many individuals obtain a BV, and they can certainly provide the assistance you need in such matters. The agents are highly qualified, skilled, and professional. 

They will tell you the type of documents you must provide and the things you need to submit when applying for BV. On the other hand, they will also take care of half of the paperwork on your behalf and provide you with some legal tips and advice on such matters. 

Last Note

Bridging Visas are the best ways through which individuals can stay within Australia for a specific time. Right before you apply for the visa, make sure to consult with the experts from a reliable migration company as they are the right people to talk to. They have helped many people receive their BV and will do the same for you as well. You can easily apply for the application without making any mistakes when taking their services.

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