Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin Takeda – An unanswered Question in the Anime?

“Why did Kakashi kill Rin?” You’re probably asking yourself this question, especially if you’re new to the anime world. Or even if you’re an old pro in the world of anime. But don’t worry, I’ll answer it for you. Here’s why:

In the popular animated Japanese television series, Naruto, Kakashi is the most powerful shinobi, or master of Ninjutsu. He is also very wise, and he always tells himself and everyone else that he’s only going to be training for one year. That’s why doing kakashi kill Rin? He doesn’t know, but when he realizes that his friend and fellow shinobi Uchuha Madara have betrayed him, he kills Madara to protect Rin.

In the fifth episode of Naruto, “Love Story In Japan”, titled “The Fool And His Master”, Kakashi reflects back on his past. There was a big war between Team Minster and Team Uchuha, and during this war, he had killed many shinobi. But when he came back to the village, he noticed something strange about everyone else in the village, which led him to conclude that they were not who they appeared to be. They all had blonde hair, and they all looked scared. He figured that they were being held back by some powerful force.

This is why did kakashi kill Rin. He couldn’t stand by while others killed innocent people, and so he killed them all himself to keep himself safe. It seems that he murdered those individuals because he wanted to avenge the dead men.

After learning about the circumstances surrounding the murder, one year later, in the anime series, Naruto Shippudden, it was revealed that there was actually an “aristocratic” club, made up of six-year-old children, called “The Five Great Families” in the anime. And the reason why the five were chosen was because they had saved the world more than once. And thus, one can see why the mysterious “fred” killed their beloved friend, Rin Takeda.

After the investigation, it was revealed that the “fred” was actually a shinobi called Kurenushi. And in order for him to be able to be with Rin Takeda again, it was needed that he was transferred to New Leaf. As the new jinchu-zakura arrived in the city, they attacked the Konoha headquarters. As soon as the battle started, Rin Takeda and the other shinobi, minus Kurenushi, went to protect the village from the invaders. However, Kurenushi saw this as an opportunity to attack the village and kill Rin Takeda.

Two days after this, with the help of a disguised genin, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Asuma, who are under the command of the Village Hokage, tried to stop Kurenushi and meet up with his own classmate, Gaara. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempt. This failure prompted the Konoha forces to launch a full-scale assault on the village, wherein they used a powerful substance called Sand Release to wipe out the opponents. The failed attempt prompted the Fifth Hokage to go on a personal mission to investigate the matter. This led to the discovery of the identity of the “fred” who killed Rin Takeda: a Shinobi called Utsuro No Mono.

After this, with the help of Konoha’s forces, the battle continued with Utsuro No Mono and his newly-formed Team Minato. When it turned out that Kakashi was actually the Hokage, his dying words helped Rin Takeda and the other shinobi accept the truth about their village’s past, which they used to create the Leaf Village. On this day, as the symbol of peace and love, the villagers gathered to celebrate their victory against the enemy. They then declared the conclusion of the war, and the birth of Konoha, the greatest village on the planet. With this ending, it can be concluded that in the anime, why did kakashi kill ring is an unanswered question.

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