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Your Favourite Colour Can Tell Your Personality Secrets – Know Yours!

We all had a favourite colour that we always used to keep in our mind when selecting the colours for the rooms or even the outfits. It is nothing wrong to say that we all have a particular colour that we prefer over others. Even if you insist that you dislike a particular colour, you could nevertheless be drawn to a certain colour range. And what if you are told that the choice of your favourite colour, which you make without thinking, reveals a lot about who you are? That means about your personality. Yes, you heard it right, your favourite colour can reveal a lot about how you think, behave, and even how other people see you. 

If you still have any doubt, Kalpesh Shah, founder, and CEO of MyPandit, wants you to choose your favourite colour from the below and reveal hidden secrets of your personality. Try it now!

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Favourite colour Black

If you prefer the colour black, you might be a cautious and mysterious being who hides your weaknesses from others. But, secretly, you struggle with sharing your flaws with others because you feel unprotected. Your personality colour indicates that you have a strong desire for control. Because of this, you are a cautious and self-sufficient personality. You want to maintain a certain distance because it makes you feel safer to expose your weaknesses. No one is perfect, so don’t worry!

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Favourite Colour Pink

You have a great personality and a skill for making people feel more comfortable if you choose this colour. You are a highly sensitive personality who dislikes conflict and emotional discussions. You prefer to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives because you place an equal balance on both. However, you are advised not to have excessive expectations from others. 

Favourite Colour Purple

If you prefer the purple colour you always want perfection in life. You are a naturally compassionate person who has a strong sense of creativity and intelligence. You are an introverted, charming personality with a lovely soul. You’re very interested in occult or spiritual things.

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Favourite Colour Brown 

You are a fantastic buddy who prioritises stability and simplicity over material possessions. You are trustworthy and also don’t mind working hard to accomplish your aims. You like spending time with your family members because your family comes first above everything else. 

Favourite Colour White

You are a naturally cheerful and positive personality. Due to your positive vibes, people often enjoy being around you, and they appreciate how honest and open you are. But as white represents new beginnings, choosing this colour can be a sign that you’re looking for your own way.

Favourite Colour Green

Green is the most peaceful and diplomatic of all the colours, and that represents your personality. You are such a down-to-earth personality who always strives for harmony. You are always present for those who need your help. As your favourite colour is Green, you enjoy accumulating things. Nevertheless, don’t become selfish!

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Favourite Colour Yellow

Your positive outlook and upbeat personality attract people toward you. You are a positive, creative personality who appreciates unique ideas. Moreover, you have a sharp mind and excellent communication skills. Even yet, you are highly analytical, and you don’t have space for irrational beliefs in your life. 

Favourite Colour Red

The bold colour choice of red denotes a person with intense emotions and a strong personality. You are a fearless risk-taker who is enthusiastic and extroverted. It’s a strong colour for strong people. However, you often make rash decisions because of your personality type, which requires action rather than thought.

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However, it’s possible that your favourite colour isn’t the one you wear the most. Generally, it is that colour that energises and excites you the most.

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