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11 Quirky Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Nowadays, more and more people show interest in bohemian living room décor. It is more like a home interior wave for those who possess the Boho spirit. Well, having that lifestyle is all about being quirky and different than usual. That is why natural colors and rustic charm are the souls of this living style. 

If this style amazes you too, do you know the essential aspects of this trending home interior? If not, then this blog post is perfect for you. So, stick to this post for the colors, floors, rugs, art, and more about bohemian culture. Once you know the core of this style and its culture, you will better imitate the décor accordingly. 

In that context, here are eleven quirkiest ideas for bohemian living room home décor:

  1. Woven wall decorations
  2. Rustic orange sofa set
  3. Wooden floors and floor cushions
  4. Swinging lights
  5. Bohemian or oriental rugs
  6. Patterned curtains
  7. Go for house plants
  8. Hanging chairs
  9. Leather accent chairs
  10. Bamboo coffee table
  11. Bohemian artwork

Woven wall decorations:

Jute and sisal are popular materials for bohemian wall art. In addition, hand-woven baskets are the soul of these Boho-style decorations. You will find these brown woven baskets and frames as traditional as they can be. Moreover, this wall décor perfectly matches the wooden ceiling, rugs, and hardwood/planked floors. 

Rustic orange sofa set:

A burnt orange sofa set is the best thing you can add to your bohemian living room. It is not only the color but the fabric that can take your home décor to another level of perfection. So, pick a rustic orange sofa that also goes with your contemporary modern dining sets and woven wall art. 

Wooden floors and floor cushions:

Vintage or tropical vinyl floors are the perfect touches to add to these decors. Wooden floors can take this theme to the next level of perfection. In addition, you can add floor cushions to this bohemian-style living room. Make sure that the floor pillows are colorful, bold, and patterned. So, you can sit, read, and relax in this unique setup.

Swinging lights:

Swing and string lights are trending a lot these days. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, or hallways, these string lights are the perfect element to enhance the creativity of your living space. Moreover, you can hang these swinging lights around the wall frames, mirrors, or book racks. Just keep it enlightened!

Bohemian or oriental rugs:

Well, this Boho look is not complete without vintage area rugs. So, go for bohemian or oriental rugs to match your living room décor. In addition, these bold colors and distinctive patterns will look ethereal with your bamboo coffee table, orange sofa, and funky floor cushions.  

Patterned curtains:

Earthy tones like olive green, brown, and orange (light or dark) are fantastic for creating a relaxing Boho living room environment at home. Likewise, you can play with mixing varied patterns for your curtains. For instance, floral patterns in curtains are a great idea to bring that Boho vibe into your living space. 

Go for house plants:

The indoor house plants are another way of creating Boho vibes in your home décor. Green indoor plants are the fresh and relaxing touch for your otherwise stale place. Furthermore, they are not solely for decoration purposes. They also improve the air quality of your rooms. But, keep these house plants near the window area to be fresh for a longer time. 

Hanging chairs:

Do you like cocoon chairs in your living room? If you intend to create a bohemian style, go for rattan swinging chairs. They are gorgeous, rustic, and exotic for bohemian style. Moreover, add a comfy cushion on its seat and ease your way out. Plus, it will look stunning with your bohemian wall art décor.

Leather accent chairs:

In addition to handmade wall art and patterned fabric pillows, add one or more leather accent chairs in your living room. If you have an ottoman sofa set, two brown leather chairs will add rustic charm to the room. Also, add a pure wooden table in the center of the setting. But, make sure it does not overshadow your contemporary dining set.

Bamboo coffee table:

When the sofa, cushions, fabric, and chairs are all set in your living room, it is time to add more to it. A bamboo coffee table, for instance, will look fantastic with the other Boho-style elements. Furthermore, it will match your beige walls and neutral rugs.

Bohemian artwork:

When it comes to Boho art for your living room interior, choose one that depicts nature, plants, flowers, or folks. So, go for abstract art based on your color scheme. The living room art illustration may include a pretty woman sitting in a chair, surrounded by the many potted house plants. Also, you can display this artwork above a simple three-seat beige sofa with orange pillows. You will observe abstract face forms and features in this art. 


If bohemian art is one of your favorites like mine, this post will help you create that quirky style. So, style your living room with an orange sofa set, house plants, vintage rugs, floor cushions, and a bamboo coffee table. Furthermore, add a touch of swinging lights and a rattan chair. Or keep the space neutral and warm with a more wooden texture.  

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