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5 Best Places for US Expats to Move in 2022

The last few years have forced many Americans to inspect their lifestyles and make various adjustments. Are we prioritizing the right things in life? Would our lives be better, happier, and more fulfilled if we moved elsewhere? These are some aspects Americans have had sufficient time to consider for several reasons, including the constantly rising cost of living.

The cost of living is one of the factors forcing people to consider moving to other destinations and starting a new life there. US ex-pats moving to other places often look for the same life quality but with a lower cost of living.

If you’re feeling like switching things up a little, perhaps a move should be something you can consider. We have prepared this guide to help you choose the right destination. When preparing the guide, we factored the vital aspects like the cost of living, work-life balance, moving overseas quotes, and the ability to work from home. Read on to find out more about these destinations.

  1. Mexico

Mexico has been the leading country for US ex-pats to move in from the US. Mexico is famous among US ex-pats because of its favorable climate and proximity to the United States. As a result, Mexico is the largest home to US ex-pats than any nation worldwide, with over 1.5 million people picking it as their permanent residence.

Depending on how long you planing to stay there, you can use three primary visa types when moving from the US–a temporary work permit, a 6-month holiday permit, and a permanent visa. Since Mexico is a massive country, it is best to try out various regions–coastal towns and cities–through a temporary permit. Gradually, you can commit to living in a particular place permanently.

Benefits Of Moving To Mexico

  • Lower Cost Of Living: According to the US Department of State, a single person can live in Mexico at an average cost of less than $1,000 monthly. It may be costlier if your family accompanies you. Regardless of the number of family members, the cost of living in Mexico is far less than in the US.
  • Friendly People: Mexicans are known for being warm and friendly, especially tourists. However, it would help if you learned plenty of Spanish before moving.
  • Great Technology Opportunities: The country’s second-largest city, Guadalajara, hosts a wide array of tech companies bursting with creativity, innovation, and engineering talent. Several big names in this city include Oracle, IBM, HP, Intel, etc.

  1. Ecuador

More than 9,000 Americans permanently live in this South American state-Ecuador renowned for being positioned along the equator. Ecuador is repetitively voted among the most economical destinations for ex-pats, with an average salary of $48,000. Although real estate costs are flourishing, especially in Cuenca, the cost of living in Quito–the country’s capital city–is significantly lower. Like Mexico, learning Spanish before your move will help you make the most of your stay there.

Benefits Of Moving To Ecuador

  • Rich Cultural Heritage: Ecuador’s famous city, Cuenca, is UNESCO’s world heritage site packed with various rich sights.
  • Efficient, Affordable, And High-Quality Healthcare: Many US ex-pats will find this aspect handy, as the Ecuadorian healthcare system’s position is higher than that of the US. Plus, the country’s dental care services are also reasonably priced.
  • Wellbeing: Ecuador’s well-being levels are higher than many countries with the same GDP; hence the famous slogan – “Buen Vivir.”

  1. Canada

Canada is also a consistently renowned destination among US ex-pats. It offers an impressively high quality of life, health, and safety – and importantly, it has a considerably stable political environment. As a result, more than 10,000 US ex-pats migrated to Canada in 2019, which has tripled since then.

Benefits Of Moving To Canada

  • Excellent Expat Salaries: Canada has an average ex-pat salary of $111,000
  • Universal Healthcare: Canada’s healthcare system is world famous and heavily attracts US ex-pats
  1. Portugal

Europe is considered one of the most common destinations for American ex-pats.  This jewel in Europe’s crown has the lowest cost of living in Western Europe. Portugal has withstood the test of time as one of the best nations for US ex-pats to consider–and for a reason. With an average ex-pat salary of about $103,000, there is bound to be some cash remaining for enjoying a noble life.

Benefits Of Moving To Portugal

  • Safety: Portugal was ranked the third country in the world in 2017. With security, Its overall politics are stable, and crime is low.
  • Accessible Healthcare: Portugal’s healthcare system is quite accessible and offers novel services. 
  1. Singapore

If you are an ex-pat in Singapore, you’ll be in great company because a third of the country’s population comprises foreigners. Although the salaries can be lower compared to North America, you may be eligible for the relocation package. The good thing is that the taxes here are relatively low.

Benefits Of Moving To Singapore

  • World-class education
  • Universal healthcare
  • Violent crime levels in Singapore are considerably low, and its city is among the cleanest worldwide

Final Thoughts

What are the best destinations for US ex-pats in 2022 and beyond? We hope you now have your answer. However, remember to have extensive health insurance coverage before relocating to a foreign country. It will help you avoid many inconveniences, and you can receive medical evacuation if your condition becomes more severe.

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