The 5 Major Components in a High Spec Computer

You might be an avid gamer who wants the fastest response or a busy entrepreneur who uses their computer to manage their business, either way, you need a powerful rig and to give you a clear picture of what a hi-end computer looks like, here are some of the important components that need to be in place.

  1. Central Processing Unit – Of course, every computer must have a CPU and if you want the best CPU, Intel are the market leaders, with a new corei9 chip, while the latest gen of the corei7 is also a great chip for high performance rigs. Of course, you need a state-of-the-art mainboard to get the best out of a top end CPU. Quad core tech has increased data processing speed by huge volumes, with up to four incoming and outgoing data highways.
  2. VGA Card – There are two major players in the video card arena; NVIDIA and AMD, with up to 12GB of VRAM; most gaming computers have at least 8GB, with 10GB being popular. If money is no object, the GEFORCE RTX 3080 is the best there is, while they also do the 3080 with 10GB of memory. These hi-end cards come with many cooling fans and banks of them are used when Bitcoin mining; this is a critical piece of kit for the hi-end machine and there are also laptop versions.
  3. RAM Chips – It wasn’t that long ago when everyone was raving at DDR4 RAM chipsets, now there is DDR6, with DDR7 on the way soon, bringing you huge volumes of temp storage. It is important that RAM chips are compatible with your mainboard and the best place to buy RAM is the online computer component store, where you get the best brands at the lowest prices. Check that your mainboard can accept the RAM you want to buy. Click here for information on how tech improves the insurance sector.
  4. Solid State Drives – The traditional spinning hard disk drive (HDD) is being replaced with SSD and they are much faster and definitely the future of data storage; the read and write speeds of SSD really does help and the minimum capacity would be 500GB, while you can get 1TB SSDs today. It is fine to use an HDD for data storage but run your OS on a SSD, which allows you to boot-up in seconds.
  5. Monitor – Of course, the monitor you use has a direct effect on performance; online gaming demands at least 144Hz, while a 165Hz refresh rate is the ultimate goal, as it stands currently. The next generation of computer monitors are curved and with 3 screens, you can create a 180-degree landscape; this gives you a new dimension in gaming; the best place to buy a hi-end monitor is the online computer parts and accessory store.

Whether you are building a gaming computer or a business PC, all of the above components need to be hi-end and let’s not forget the need for cyber-security when you are connected to the Internet.

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