How to Create your Own Brand of Fruit Juice Powder

If you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking to create your very own brand, there are exciting opportunities for fruit juice powder beverages; just add cold water for a refreshing fruit drink that contains all the nutrients of freshly squeezed fruit. To do this, you need to source a while label manufacturer of fruit juice powder and they can present the product in your branded packaging.

White Label Branding

Source an OEM fruit powder drinks factory that is based in Thailand and they will help you design and create your own brand, which you can register to protect the name. You can create an agreement with the manufacturer regarding geographical regions; set up a meeting with the management and inform them of your marketing plan. This ensures that your brand is protected and no one will know that another company produces the product on your behalf.

FDA Approval

The great thing about OEM products is they have already gained FDA approval, saving you a lot of time and money; your products are of the highest standards and are ready to package. If, for example, you wanted to actually make your own product, the process for FDA approval is very complex; using an OEM supplier cuts this out of the equation. You include all product approval data on your packaging, which gives the customer added confidence.


This is an innovative new product and the best way to market such a product is sampling; create handy sample packs that contain small portions of all the flavours you offer and distribute them to potential customers. If you invest your marketing budget in sample packs, you will get a higher ROI than any other form of marketing because nothing sells a consumable product better than free samples. Click here for information on customer loyalty and why it is critical.


We recommend you enlist the help of a professional branding agency to help you create a logo and packaging; creating a brand requires a lot of forethought and mistakes are very costly. Once your brand and packaging are complete, you can order your sample packs and start distributing them to a wide range of vendors.

Setting up a business in Thailand

You need the help of an English-speaking lawyer to help you register your new business; choose a snappy name for the company that reflects your main product and build your company website. Business to business is obviously the way to go and you can supply the following businesses:

  • Cafes, tea shops & restaurants
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Gyms/spas
  • Meeting venues
  • Vegan eateries
  • Offices & factories

You can create a business address in Bangkok and use shared office space and with a professional website, you project an image of a successful and well-established company to give your customers confidence.

This is an exciting business opportunity and with virtually no competition, you should be able to create a huge supply network, as powdered fruit juice becomes a household name.

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