6 importance of Marketing automation for the retail industry

There is a huge frenzy going on in every field with automation. In particular, the journey of automation in technical or manual tasks that people do not enjoy doing quite well. There is a lot of demand for automation where technology can perform many tasks at a massive rate, at high speeds, more accurately. With the advancement of the internet controlling automated tasks is also straightforward. You can also find internet providers now in most of the areas near you. 

A lot of work in the marketing sector is going to automation and it is also very important for retailers. The study found that the retail automation market has grown by about 11% in the last five years, and is expected to reach around 20 billion by 2025.

But why is the demand for marketing automation increasing so much? And what is the importance of marketing automation for the retail industry? This article will help you to know that.

6 importance of Marketing automation for the retail industry

Marketing automation simplifies a company’s marketing tasks and workflow and clarifies measurements so that they can increase the efficiency of activities and increase profits faster. The 6 importance of marketing automation for the retail industry is highlighted below.

#1. Increased engagement

Research shows that about 86% of buyers come to your website and return without purchasing anything. That means you lose more than half the potential buyers who are coming to you to buy what you are selling. And that’s why we need to increase the engagement of these potential buyers. But how do you handle such a huge customer base? That’s why you have to show them the right message at the right time. If you can send the right message to the right person with the right call-to-action, they will become your customers. Here, marketing automation helps a lot. 

#2. Loyal customers

The more you can customize the message, the more loyalty the brand will have to the customer. The more customers will be connected with your brand. Research shows that 40% of customers are repeat customers of your brand when they get a personalized experience. In this case, marketing automation helps you to give personalized messages and create long-lasting customers.

#3. Scalability

The sales report of your company plays an important role in deciding the next step. The customer is also happy and gives you the opportunity to create your future strategy. It is convenient to predict your market. It requires a lot of data input to manage sales reports manually but your whole process becomes easier if automated. You can easily scale up the sales report if you have enough data in your hands. Then automated campaigns can be run easily following the previous experience rather than manual campaigns and multiple campaigns become easier as well.

#4. An empowered team

Instead of spending more time on marketing, they get accurate reports from automation and they can do research on the market. They can do extensive research on what else needs to be done to make the next step work. It increases creativity within the team and benefits from marketing activities. The team’s performance increases and they get detailed reports on where they need to change. On top of that, if the internet is available at affordable prices like frontier internet prices. Access to reports or databases is now much easier due to the availability of the internet.

#5. Increased revenue

The main purpose of all our activities in a business is to generate revenue. And marketing automation not only saves them time and money but also increases their profits. Research has shown that an eCommerce organization can earn about 10% to 15% more as a result of automation, while other employees of the company also get more time. The primary purpose of a business is to generate profit and this is where marketing automation helps the most. And that’s why day by day business owners from medium to large companies are leaning toward marketing automation.

#6. Feelings of Ownership

Everyone wants to own a group. So if your customers and employees start thinking that the business you are running is also a part of it then the progress of the company will increase tremendously. Marketing automation systems create that opportunity. With marketing automation, you can create a product-based community. If you can handle this small community as needed, their attraction and love for your brand will increase.


Thus in this era of marketing automation is playing a huge role in the retail industry. Marketing automation is a boon for any business in building customer satisfaction and enhancing team performance. So start thinking about how to send the right message at the right time and how to move forward with creating a customized solution. And if you have any other questions about marketing automation you can contact our team. Hopefully, your confusion with marketing automation will go away.

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