How to Open AAE files?

AAE file extension is related to the Advanced Audio Coder which helps in encoding/decoding sound. If you have the file with AAE extension then it means that you should open this file using proper software only.

AAE should be used with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer as well as other media players where files are supported. These files are generally used for recording sounds on the computer.

It is not possible to edit or modify these files because they cannot be accessed by any of the audio editing software. Anyhow, you can only listen to the sound contained in .AAE file using media player. These files are sometimes created when you record things using Skype4 Calling Recorder or other similar programs/applications.

A Brief About AAE File

The original extension of this file is AAF, which means Advanced Authoring Format and is used as a container format for multimedia files such as audio and video streams, scripts and metadata. It can be created by using Apple’s Final Cut Pro application or any other similar program. This file is sometimes used as a transport format for audio and video media streams. It is a suitable alternative to formats such as AVI or MOV.

You can use the files with .aae extension to create files with Apple’s QuickTime movie file type. In order to do this you will need Apple Compressor program which might be helpful if you have any other multimedia files with other extensions.

Some programs use the AAE extension to save their temporary data, so if you have this file on your computer it is probably safe to delete. However, if you are not sure about whether these files should be deleted or not, you can check Windows registry for information about them and what program has created them. If the file is not needed, you can delete it and no adverse consequences will occur.

Which are the Best Method to Open AAE File

If your AAE files cannot be opened even though you have installed all required software, then more likely than not some Windows registry entries associated with these files are incorrect or corrupted. In this case, manual editing of Windows registry might be necessary in order to fix this problem.

It cannot be said for sure whether these files are dangerous for the computer or not, so if you want to delete them you can do that at your own risk. However, deleting AAE files should not cause any problems for the system because they are just links to other locations where sound data is stored.

On the other hand, if you want to keep AAE files on your computer, then it is not recommended to open them using Windows Explorer or other similar programs. This is because they will probably open using default media player which will start playing these files immediately even if you do not want to listen to them.

AAE file extension is mainly used for Advanced Authoring Format that is a multimedia container format.


AAE file extension is mainly associated with the Advanced Audio Coder which helps in encoding/decoding sound. When you have the file with .aae extension, it means that you should open this file using proper program only.

If you have AAE file on your PC, you can check the software which is used for opening this file extension.

This file extension is related to the Advanced Authoring Format that is a multimedia container format. If you want to open or play these files, some additional software might be needed. Check the list of programs that support AAE file on your computer.


In order to create a new file with .aae extension, you have to use Apple QuickTime program which is used for editing and creating multimedia files in general. This program will help you create new .aae files. Just follow some simple instructions.

To create a new file with .aae extension, you have to start your Apple QuickTime player. Then navigate through the menu on top of the program window and select Export option. After that choose Add to movie from the list of available exports. The last thing is to save this newly created file with .aae extension in order to use it later in various multimedia applications.

This is the best prospect to get to know about the AAE File. Each and everything is being described in a quite good manner and readers can get brief details about how to open .aae file in the windows.

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