What are the benefits of using Telegram Messenger in 2022

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging service.

Yes, WhatsApp is accessible as an app (officially) for Android and iOS cellphones, as well as the option to use it in a web browser, but Telegram is much more. The first benefit of Telegram is that it is officially available not only as a program for Android and iOS platforms, but also for Linux, Windows, and macOS PCs, as well as Windows smartphones. Telegram is always available to link you with your loved ones, regardless of the popular platform you are on.

The use of open source software.

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service with open source client-side app code but closed source server-side code. Yes, empathically, its API will not be that helpful for developers because it will not let a person construct an independent app with distinct servers or data; rather, the built app will use the same Telegram servers, accounts, and data.

Account for Self-Destructive Behavior.

Telegram, like WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps, requires a phone number to register an account. It uses an SMS for verification. A user can remove their account and all data kept on Telegram servers at any moment; however, there is another fascinating option called Self Destruction, which, once enabled, causes the program to delete the user’s account and all related data in a specified amount of time.

Cloud-based Telegram messages.

One of Telegram’s main advantages, in my opinion, is its cloud-based messaging capability. It gives Telegram the upper hand over Whatsapp. So, in other messaging apps, all of your media files and data are kept locally on your phone, whether it’s an image, video, music, or anything else, and they eventually use all of your local storage space. This is not a problem with Telegram because all media files, including conversation, are stored on Telegram’s secure cloud servers and remain there until you explicitly download any of the files to save on your local storage. Yes, the cache will be created on local storage by the app.

Each file can be up to 1.5 megabytes in size.

Are you getting upset while sharing large files over Whatsapp? If that’s the case, Telegram has one more advantage: the capacity to send larger files. Telegram users can share photographs, videos, audio messages, and other things up to 1.5 gigabytes in size per file, unlike WhatsApp users who can only send files up to 16MB to 100MB (depending on file type).

Message revoked after 6.48 hours.

Telegram users, unlike Whatsapp users, have up to 48 hours to amend or delete their sent messages. This indicates that you have plenty of time to remedy any errors or typos. It allows a user to erase anything from a single message to the entire chat at any time, with no time limit. Furthermore, if one person initiates the conversation deletion procedure, it is automatically deleted from the other user’s end, including Telegram servers. As a result, there are no strings attached…

Don’t provide phone numbers when adding people nearby.

It is extremely inconvenient to add someone to your Instant Messenger since you must first enter her/his phone number into the phone’s local contact book and then refresh the IM software in order to send a message; even if you don’t know that person and only want to send a one-time message. As a result of this procedure, our phone is clogged with contacts. Telegram can prevent us from having to keep track of all these undesirable phone numbers by allowing us to add them to our chat list using GPS.


Apart from Groups, Telegram also allows you to create Channels, which are slightly different from Groups. The Channels are comparable to WhatsApp broadcasting groups, but Telegram allows you to appeal to a bigger audience. If I say generically, there are no subscriber limits in Channels, which allows you to a subscription business.  There is Telegram subscription bot platform that helps you to automate the process.

Timestamp feature for video.

This is one of Telegram’s many benefits, especially for video sending. You can specify the timestamp and then note: look at it from here while sending a video. When someone clicks, they will be taken straight to that timestamp to play, saving both parties time. This feature is available in several video websites’ sharing functions, and it makes it very easy to specify the playing duration to share with others.

Slow-talking mode.

Telegram’s slow chat mode is even more difficult to comprehend where the developers got this idea, but it’s still useful. In the group permissions settings, you’ll see this option:

Telegram Bots are the eleventh item on the list.

You’ll never get bored with Telegram again. You can also challenge your discussion companion to a game battle instead of protracted chats. There are mini-games within the app that you can play in direct competition with your chat companion.


Telegram has stickers in addition to emoticons, which is another hilarious element of the app. Some of these simply convey a mood more effectively than a mere emoji. They’re always amusing. Telegram has a plethora of stickers to express every mood, and users may also develop and use their own stickers.

There are no advertisements and it is free.

Telegram is completely free to download and use, with no in-app adverts or spammy advertisements.

Advantage of encryption.

End-to-end encryption is available in Telegram chats. As a result, only you and the recipient will be able to read the message. Telegram will award someone with $300,000 if they can prove to Telegram that they have deciphered someone’s encrypted message.

Despite the fact that all Telegram messages are encrypted, Secret Chats communications employ client-client encryption, whereas Cloud Chats use client-server/server-client encryption.

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