Best Credit Card Combinations To Maximise Rewards

Credit cards can be a favorable and satisfying method to conduct transactions, obtain cash back or travel bonuses, and establish your credit record. To use credit card benefits, one must carefully plan and strategize them effectively. Apart from selecting appropriate credit cards, it is crucial to consider whether the credit card offers facilities for check CIBIL score free and helps you to calculate personal loan EMI

Why Should You Combine Credit Cards?

Combining credit cards offer various benefits. Some of these include:

  • Maximise Rewards

By selecting the appropriate card for each purchase, you can obtain rewards in diverse categories and optimize your points, cash back, or miles. 

  • Avail Several Other Benefits

Distinct credit cards offer diverse advantages, such as travel credits, airport lounge access, hotel upgrades, or rental car insurance. By merging cards, you can access a range of advantages and benefits.

  • Build a Good CIBIL Score

Using multiple credit cards effectively can improve your CIBIL score more quickly than using only one. Remember to check CIBIL score free before applying for a credit card.

  • Avoid Annual Fees

If you own a credit card with an annual fee you do not use often, you can combine it with a no-annual fee card and evade unnecessary fees.

5 Best Credit Card Combinations

Credit cards offer other facilities besides helping you check CIBIL score free and calculate personal loan EMI. Some of the best credit card combinations include:

  1. Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Sapphire Reserve For Spending Smarter
  • Freedom Flex provides 5% cash back on rotating categories. Sapphire Reserve incentivizes dining, hotels, and travel through Ultimate Rewards. 
  • Check CIBIL score free and choose the appropriate card for each transaction to accumulate points and convert them for valuable redemptions. 
  • Consider the annual fee before applying for Sapphire Reserve. 
  • Also, these credit cards help you to calculate personal loan EMI and check CIBIL score free.
  1. Traveling For Business? Merge Platinum Card And The Blue Business Plus Credit Card From American Express
  • Platinum provides five times rewards on travel expenditures and a greeting incentive of 80,000 points and provides the option to calculate personal loan EMI.
  • Blue Business Plus does not charge an annual fee and provides two times rewards on up to $50,000 in purchases per annum. 
  • Use Platinum for airfare and lodging and Blue Business Plus for other expenses. 
  • Consolidate your rewards and exchange them for travel expenditures or transfer them to airline and hotel associates for optimal worth.
  1. Premium Card & Double Cash Card From Citi: Best all-around combination
  • Citi Premier provides triple points on travel, gasoline, dining, and grocery store transactions, whereas Citi Double Cash offers a 2% rebate on all purchases. 
  • Transfer your Citi Double Cash rewards to Citi Premier to obtain maximum benefit. Each Citi ThankYou point is worth 1.9 cents.
  • Citi Premier’s yearly charge of $95 can be compensated for by the $100 annual hotel credit and the incentives received on purchases in bonus categories.
  1. Maximising Chase Ultimate Rewards: Why the Chase Trifecta is Your Best Bet
  • Chase trifecta is a well-known card combo with the most common trio, including Chase Freedom Unlimited, Ink Business Preferred, and Chase Sapphire Reserve. 
  • A minimum of 1.5% cash back can be earned with the no-annual-fee Freedom Unlimited and 3X points on travel and select business categories with the $95 annual fee Ink Business Preferred. 
  • Use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to maximize rewards. 
  • The Sapphire Reserve has a $550 annual fee, so ensure the benefits are worth the cost.
  1. Maximize Your Amex Reward: The Amex Trifecta
  • To get the most benefits, use Amex Platinum Card, the Blue Business Plus, and the American Express Gold Card together. 
  • The Amex Gold allows you to calculate personal loan EMI and earn 4X points on dining out at Uber Eats and purchases made at US supermarkets. 
  • The trio comes with a yearly fee of $945.


The article highlights the benefits of combining credit cards to maximize rewards, access a range of benefits, build a good CIBIL score, and avoid unnecessary fees. It also provides information on the five best credit card combinations, which include Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Sapphire Reserve, Platinum Card, and The Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express, Premium Card & Double Cash Card from Citi, Maximising Chase Ultimate Rewards, and The Amex Trifecta. The article emphasizes the importance of careful planning and strategizing before obtaining any credit card and checking the facilities to calculate personal loan EMI and CIBIL scores for maximum benefit. Combining credit cards can be an intelligent approach to making the most of credit card rewards and benefits, but it is crucial to consider the annual fee and ensure that the benefits are worth the cost. Overall, combining credit cards can help individuals maximize their rewards and build a good credit score while avoiding unnecessary fees.

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