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Best Floating Shelf Ideas for Your Home

Floating shelves have been gaining a lot of traction lately and for a good reason. They are easy to install and provide you with ample storage space. No need to add another piece of bulky furniture to your place. Get yourself a nice corner rack and display your books, fine china set, and collectibles. 

These wall racks can be installed on nearly any wall, given that you have sufficient vertical space. They don’t only just offer storage space for your accessories, but they ensure that everything looks good and is within your reach. A nice corner rack will make your space look organized and neat. Here are a few creative floating shelf ideas you should try. 

Storage for Kitchen

Wall racks can be installed in just about any room, but they make a great addition to your kitchen especially. They require little space and give you a perfect storage area to store your crockery and kitchen appliances efficiently. Adding a backsplash right beneath the wooden rach is another creative idea for your kitchen renovation. It will add colors and a modern design to your kitchen. Plus, a rack will always make cooking easier. With a wall rack in your kitchen, you can grab whichever tool you need without having to scan drawers and cabinets.

A Reading Corner

A floating shelf can create a cozy reading nook where you can spend several hours reading your favorite books and novels. If you are an avid reader, a cozy reading place is all you need to enjoy a good time at home. You can organize your books by the author’s name or genre (however you like). A bookshelf looks great in your living rooms. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a large wooden bookshelf, get yourself a wall rack. It will save your space while working as excellent storage for your books and other decor pieces.

Turn it into an Accent Wall

Floating shelves allow you to use an otherwise unused wall creatively. You can transform a dull wall of your living room into an accent wall. Give your walls a wonderful backdrop with a bright or vibrant color. For instance, if you have painted the rest of your home with a neutral color, give your accent wall a dark or bold shade. 

Build a Gallery WallThere are plenty of wall rack designs that can give a sleek and sophisticated finish to your modern home. One such interesting wall rack idea is building a gallery wall. Instead of hanging the artwork on any random wall, you should build an organized and unique gallery wall featuring a set of racks placed in a unique layout. Check out the latest gallery wall designs online and select a layout that looks good with your interior theme. To keep the look clean, you can consider a wall-to-wall rack. You can use it for books, plants, vases, trophies, certificates, and other items. Choose a color that blends in well with the rest of the walls.

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