Top 3 Business Cards Designing Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

Keeping business cards is a great way to promote business; clients can never ignore business cards. It is one of the simplest methods that help marketers to share their business information with others.

 When it comes to designing business cards, certain mistakes are inevitable for beginners, but experienced professionals always try to avoid these common business card designing mistakes. Let’s have a look at them:

Putting too much text on business card

Putting too little or too much content may harm your business reputation. You need to design an attractive business card that will be impressive to the recipient and he/she will visit your website through the details printed on your business card. Before finalizing or printing a business card, you must check a few things like all necessary contact information should be on the business card, business card size must be standard, and business card should have some creative element and more.

Failing to proofread business cards for errors

You must proofread business cards few times before finalizing or printing. If you find any spelling or grammatical error on your business cards, then it will definitely harm your reputation and you need to design a business card again. All the relevant information should be checked several times before printing business cards. A small typo can convert into a nightmare for businesses and they need to re-design their business cards.

Preview of business card not matching your desktop version

Before designing a business card, you can check the preview option which helps to view what is going to appear on your business cards. But you need to be careful about the business card size and business card format. If business card size is not standard, then preview may not match with your business cards. It is always advisable to use print business cards for best results.

Using too many colors

Using too many colors on a business card may impress others but it will be difficult to design business cards at once, as you will require more time and effort for designing business cards. Your business cards must look attractive and professional do not go overboard with colors and keep few colors that can represent your brand image properly.

Not using logo space properly

You must use logo space properly if you want a better branding option. Business owners need to select effective color combinations for their business logos that match business card business cards.

No alignment of business cards

All business cards must be aligned properly, take extra care while aligning business cards. You should not leave empty spaces or cover the business logo with a business cardholder. When calling clients by handing over a business card, your business card must be perfectly printed and must look impressive. So you need to avoid the above common business card designing mistakes if you really want to boost up your business. Business cards are the most effective marketing tools which help you to introduce yourself in front of potential customers easily, so design business cards carefully keeping all essential details that are required for your business to succeed. If you are still confused about printing your designs then approach professional designers who can help design unique and attractive business cards that suit to business requirements.  

  • Limit the business cards number to three
  • Business card should be foldable or easy to carry
  • Have business card logo or business card name

Now that you know business card designing mistakes, it is time for you to think about your design choices. Most people print business cards the same size as credit cards, but if you prefer something bigger than business cards, go ahead and get them printed in letter size business cards. You can also get square business cards designed by professional designers. There are lots of benefits of having square business cards. These days’ customers like everything new and creative; they like different things to make their impression about your brands/businesses. Square business cards are unique-looking business card designs; they are different from business cards available in the market. Square business cards are not that much expensive but still, they can leave a long-lasting impression on your business clients about your business/brand. Business card designing companies are offering the best business card designs at affordable rates to help business owners achieve their business goals easily.

Less space for contact information

Professional designers know the importance of business cards and they worry about all aspects related to business cards before starting design work; they first think about small details like business card size and print method then only move towards the printing process. You need to focus on different factors like – Type of paper used for business cards (Different types of papers are available such as matte stock paper, glossy stock paper, etc) – Printing business cards (all business cards are not printed in same business card printing method, the business card can be printed using offset business card printing method, the business card can also be handcrafted business cards) – Business Card Finishing Techniques (you need good finishing techniques to have business cards that look impressive and professional).


There are business card designing mistakes that business card printing companies should avoid to have business cards that look impressive and unique. If you are a business owner then you must use business cards to promote your products or brands easily with business cards. You can get different business card designs from online business cards manufacturers who offer business cards at affordable rates. Most professional business card printing designers always suggest people make a list of important details they want on their business card before starting work with them for designing unique-looking business cards. Professional design companies also provide an option of adding custom ribbons, custom foil stamping, etc for improving the look of printed business cards more impressively.

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