Dragon Themed Slots and Where to Play 2022

On the Internet, we can find tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of different slots that we would never have time to try. But because we can’t play them all, we need to find a way to try as many types of slots as possible by choosing the best ones. Slot themes and topics abound, and those with dragons have begun to become more and more popular with casino lovers. So I did some 

research and found a top-rated dragon-themed slot machine. Today we will tell you about each of them, and maybe we will convince you to try one.

Dragon Sisters

Dragon Sisters is a slot machine that can be found in most Indian online casinos, and you will be able to play it for both real money and for free. We advise that before you play a real money slot, try to play its free version to get used to the game mode, to understand what kind of playstyle is better suited for that slot.

What are the ideal conditions for making the most of this time slot? Dragon Sisters is one of the coolest dragon-themed slots I’ve found on the internet. The main story of this slot is made up of two important parts. The first part is represented by a dark sister, and the second part is represented by a sister who is on the side of good. There is a game screen for each of them.

That is, the reels and rows of slot symbols will be split into two equal parts. During the game, the two dragons will offer bonuses and bonus features for each of the halves. The slot has incredible 3D graphics, and the developer managed to get a 96.73% RTP for this slot. Remember that your chances of winning are quite high, and each spin of yours can bring you a 15x win. The symbols we will see on the game screens are the crown, the spear, the sword, the shield, and the dragon eggs.

Dragon’s Myth

Dragons Myth is a slot produced by Microgaming and is one of the most successful slots, just like any product launched by this manufacturer. From the moment you start playing, you will be able to see how the drums and game symbols are placed in an unusual place. The Microgaming team tried to give this slot a fantastic setting and give it a certain mythical feel. Drums and symbols are set on a mountain, somewhere in a magical world. The main advantages I noticed with this slot are the graphic details and the way this slot is produced.

And since we’ve been talking about the incredible graphics of this slot, we need to talk about the ongoing action or interaction that the game will have with the player. Every time you win or receive a winning line, Lady, the main character, will be there with you to congratulate you. The slot has an RTP of 96.60% and can help you win a prize of up to x40,000.

Dragon’s Story

As described by the manufacturer, A Dragons Story is more of a slot that wants to give you a relaxing and fun session. The game’s graphics are completely different from Dragon’s Myth. That’s because this time the producer used only animated effects. Even the main character, who is always on the game screen, a fierce, big, red dragon, is very lively. The slot looks almost like a children’s cartoon, but the winnings it offers are extremely high. The slot has a fairly small RTP, only 95.61%, and the volatility does not seem to be very low. This means that you will have quite rare and not very big gains. But all this will be offset by the huge winnings that the slot can offer. The slot can generate x62,500 winnings.

Double Dragon slots

Double Dragons Slot is the perfect game for a day when you have more free time and you don’t know what to do with it. The game screen has five reels full of attractive symbols. The developer who produced this slot is Yggdrasil, so you’ve probably seen more successful slots that have been produced by this team. By playing Double Dragons, you will be able to win rounds of cascading reels, be rewarded with bonus rounds and free spins, and also receive wild symbols on the reels. Each dragon will be able to give you a special bonus, and every time you receive a wild, you will enjoy a 2x multiplier. Double Dragons is a slot machine that can be played for free before starting a real-money session.

Red Dragon Wild Slot

The first thing you will notice about this slot is that it has an extremely red theme, and every detail has something to do with the kung-fu culture. If you are passionate about martial arts, you will surely find that Red Dragon Wild is the right slot for you. Among all the advantages and bonuses that this slot offers, you will notice that the most important bonus round of this slot is the free spins round. This is because during this bonus round you will be able to see other theme-specific symbols on the game screen. The most important symbols in the slot are the two red dragons.


The next time you need an Asian-themed slot featuring dragons, you can always use one of the slots above to have a successful session.

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