How To Change Text Color On Snapchat

At first glance, the official Facebook application for iPhone seems very clear: you can Change Text Color On Snapchat by tapping an image of your choice. That was all that was visible, but upon further inspection I discovered that there was another section of the app that allowed me to actually change the color of my icon. The code that allows you to change this part of the app is hidden away very neatly and it appears to be part of the customizing your profile part of the app.

What’s so great about this app?

So what’s so great about this app? In my experience, it’s very easy to use and it is a one-step process. To use it, you simply need to log into your account and then select “Snapchat” in the drop down menu at the top right corner. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to log into your Snapstreak page. From there you can browse and select the filters you’d like to add to your snapstreak and once you have done that, you can create your customized filters.

Customizing your filters this way isn’t too different Change Text Color On Snapchat than the way you customize your stickers icon. For example, you can add your favorite sports teams, music artists, actors, etc. You can also choose to filter out certain words and even groups of words. One of the most interesting things I noticed was that when you swipe an icon or a word, a graphic of your choosing appears below it. This was especially nice when I was searching for a specific word or phrase that I had no idea what it was called.

Your own icon on the bottom right corner of each snap?

So, how can you customize your own icon on the bottom right corner of each snap? Well, like most apps, you can customize your icon using either text or icons. If you’re looking for a specific phrase or term you want to appear at the top right corner of your snaps, you will need to type it into the “filter out snaps” box.

If you’d like to add some Emojis to your screenshots, simply highlight the item and then hold onto the plus sign while pressing the power button. Your chosen Emojis will then appear as a circle. If you would like to get rid of the circle entirely, press the back arrow and then drag the Emojis circle underneath the screen. It will disappear and replace with your chosen Emojis.

Main menu and to open the Settings:

The next thing you can do is change the size of your Emojis so they appear as stars. To do this, tap or click on the Emojis and then double click on the star. It will expand into a circle after a second or two. This may take some time depending on how big your Emojis are and how many Change Text Color On Snapchat you have installed on your phone.

The final step is to head over to the main menu and to open the Settings. In the Settings, scroll down to where it says Apps. Tap or click on the app named “Instagram” and then scroll to the bottom of the list. You will see a drop-down box. Click on the drop-down and toggle between the two available selections: Global and Language.


Tap or click on the plus symbol in the upper right-hand corner. This will expand a sub menu of options which include: Show On Home, Auto Image Collage, Show As Video, Show trending news hub As Popup and Show As Voiceover. Tap or click on the plus sign and then double-click on the word “estyle.” That’s all there is to this quick change that will give your snaps a much-needed makeover! Happy snapping!

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